TOC Performance Intervention Series Presents: 45×45 – An Experiment on Collaboration

October 6th 8-9:30pm: As part of the month long offering by The Mission Cultural Center for Latino Art by the title “Celebrate San Francisco” Emael curates “Today I Will: an evening of performance, live soundtrack and live film.” Admission $10-15  –  Art presented by:  THEOFFCENTER, as part of its Performing Intervention Series will present 45×45, an Experiment on Collaboration.  Violeta Luna performs an action-ritual in the theater lobby about drug trafficking crimes in Mexico. and Lost and Found. Composer/sound artist David Molina and film maker Anna Geyer present a multi-media work in progress. Utilizing found objects, traditional instruments, instruments built by Richard Waters, and electronics, Molina will create live soundtrack, while Anna Geyer mixes original 16mm film loops on 3 modified projectors to create ghostly, rusty memories, industrial landscapes, and dream like images from a distant past.

THEOFFCENTER is proud to present findings on a research art making collaborative endeavor entitled: “45×45 – An experiment on Collaboration” Directed by Honey McMoney and Kyra Rice and part of a Performance Intervention Series.  45×45 will premiere 45 people on stage in 45 minutes in improvised scores so as to reveal the fruits of our research on what it means to work together. Core performers: Rotimi Agbabiaka, Julie Phelps, Harold Burns, Rachael Dichter, Ernesto Sopprani, Honey McMoney as Director, Kyra Rice as Choreographer, Wolfgang Wachalovsky as lighting design. The 45 will be a stellar group of talent including Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos Jr, Evan Johnson, Hadley Maze, Annah Anti Palindrome, and many more.  To learn more about this Intervention or to be a part of it, contact THEOFFCENTER

TOC PERFORMING INTERVENTION SERIES – What are we intervening on? Centralization | Hetero-normativity | Traditional theater/audience settings and passive audiences | Venues being anything other than co-collaborators |Primacy of funding | Perception of lack | Individual artist ambition to be the “it kid”.   How are we intervening? Through an unrelenting recognition of talent and resources | Through Collaboration | Performing the creation of a space to do our work  –  And so we ask: what does it mean to work together? Recognizing and celebrating abundance of talent | Artist supported in that recognition | Community supported by individual artist’s contributions | The community creates a structure within which to do our work | Being a part of something bigger  What could this piece be a catalyst for? Shifting perceptions of what is possible | Community building | Modeling recognition and usefulness of resource sufficiency   Why intervene?  Working in isolation perpetuates old paradigm | The shift can’t happen in isolation | Localism is nurtured | People moving through community can take skills they’ve learned outward | This practice can be replicated on a broader scale   [TOC thanks Kyra Rice for helping conjure this language]


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