THEOFFCENTER and BigGayWarehouse present: IT’S COSMIC!

Dec 11 starting at 6pm, THEOFFCENTER and TheBigGayWarehouse joins forcers to stage an exploration of space and spaciousness.  Let your queerness expand beyond our galaxy, let it become the universe.  Raise the physical limits of your expression. Go BIG.

On 12/11/10 the symbol RETURNS.

6pm – free showcase of visual and media art, curated by the big Gay warehouse-> as queer as we make it
8pm – showcase of performance art curated by/benefiting THEOFFCENTER. Cosmic queer sensibilities become a lens for thought, art, action, community.
10pm – the evening continues: music thumping in your soul, Gayness exploding from your bones; queers of all kinds celebrate the commonality of ouruniqueness: we are the universe

AS ALWAYS, COSTUME IS REQUIRED! – You must RSVP with your donation in advance:  GET YOUR TICKETS NOW

Joining forces with the wonderful people at Thesymbolisthename we are gearing up to present a evening of art, performance and dance.

THEOFFCENTER, in charge of curating a performance 2 hour block, (and what a great line up we got for you) has put togeher as an exploration of space and spaciousness, we asked performers to submit ideas that give this concept justice.. After some sorting out we are prepared to present a show that will mix music, performance arts, experiments with multimedia, dance, movement, and circus. All under one big roof, the roof at the Big Gay Warehouse that is.

Presenting: Kyra Rice  (Installation Performance)  Jesse Hewit  (Movement) – Honey McMoney (Ritual Performance) Violent Vicky (Music)  Grey Lux (Aerials), Ben McCoy (Performance) Sam Sax (Spoken Word), Loren Robertson &  Brittney Frostbrok (Multimedia) Sam Kehl (Music)


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