B(ART) Performance Participating Performers Update

The day is upon us, tomorrow Saturday at 8pm, the lot of us will be gathering at Civic Center BART station and work out scores, propose ideas, form groups.  It will be great opportunity to bring already created scores, make them site specific, or simply re-enact them.  you could go the subtle route and do something barely noticeable, or you can arrange for everyone in your church chorus to sing the Ave Maria on train 3.  It will be a blast.

This is a decentralized performance event, that means we are not in charge, you are.  We are simply offering a provocation. We want you to stay safe and consider the safety of other.  Please consider the following:

* 8pm all participants involved meet at civic center BART Station
* Groups are formed (max of 10 groups – only one group per car)
* Each group has 45 minutes to plot a series of performance scores
* Scores can be as varied and unique as desired, from singing/choreographed dances to subtle hidden performances
* At around 9pm we will ride a BART train into the east bay – final stop will be Downtown Berkeley Station
* Performance(s) will take the time it takes us to get from Civic Center to Downtown Berkeley Station (approx 30 minutes)
* Once at our East Bay Stop, we will get off the train and gather with our groups to discuss, celebrate, share pointers and improve of performed score, for about 10 minutes.
* We’ll get on a train that will take us back to Civic Center.  Once in this train we will stage our pieces once again.

Participants please be aware of the following

* Be able to read your car – is it hostile? Will be be friendly to your scores.  Are there children in your audience?  bicycles? wheelchairs?
* DO NOT destroy property, DO NOT harm anyone in the car.
* We encourage interactive scores.. think on your feet, anything can happen.


* There will be floaters who’s job will be to photograph what happens, they will move from car to car so we can get good representation of each group/score.
*If you have a way to engage friends to help document (photograph/video) your group (performance) please do so.  We ask that you share this with us after the performance is over.

And thats it.   It will be a great time.  We are very exited to be doing this with you and everyone who comes. If you have any questions of have an idea you would want extra support with, email us or call us at (415) 504-2432

For a final count we would love it if you RSVP’d so we know to expect you.  If you are bringing a friend who wants to photograph video the event please let us know, everyone is welcome.  Email us and let us know you are coming.   Send your name and a contact number.  Thank you. 


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