SQUART [Spontaneous Queer Art!] – We are The Resolutionists!

Its that time again!!! SQUART! is back! We figured we’d wait till the Holidaze is over, give everyone a few days and SQUART! all over again..

This time, our friends at SOMArts have graciously agreed to join us as co-producer and host the beginning of our second year. And as with every new year, we are filled with excitement, big ideas, and renewed  commitment to create and have fun while doing so..

The anti has increased, the prize is bigger, the stage is wider, the lights are brighter… we are pulling all the stops here –

Attention Participants: We will only accept 30 players this time, so if you want in, email Laura before December 20th at lbar...@gmail.com to sign in.  We encourage SQUART virgins to step up, tho if you have done it already, and want to do it again, declare yourself soon because for this SQUART will be all about being resolute.

So whats the theme you ask? (drum roll….)   We are THE RESOLUTIONISTS!
What does that mean is anyones guess, come to the event, to find out. (ok ok we’ll tell you in a few days)
So do check back – we’ll be updating the already amazing list of Judges soon and tell you who is contesting too.

Short for Spontaneous queer art, SQUART was originally conceived by Laura Arrington, out of the desire to foster community and create work without preciousness.  THEOFFCENTER celebrates Laura’s passion and is committed to wholeheartedly support the production of this event.

SQUART’s format is simple, people show up at 6pm, break into teams and are given a list of criteria with two hours to make a piece. At 8pm whatever is made is performed! The work is then commented on by a panel of judges. It’s usually incredibly creative, inspiring, fun, and always bizarre.

Sunday, January 9th 2011
at SOMArts – 934 Brannan Street
San Francisco, CA 94123

Four teams will create new works from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Their process of creation is open to the audience. At 8:00 p.m. Teams will present their completed works to the audience
10 queer dollars admission at the door (NOTAFLF)


SQUART! will be in residence at SOMArts in 2011 as part of the SOMArts Studio Series. The SOMArts (South of Market Arts, Resources, Technology, and Services) Studio Series is an informal assemblage of arts classes and events designed to encourage the production of contemporary work with a cultural perspective by artists of all ages and skill levels in San Francisco. www.somarts.org


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