SQUART! Into the Wild – SQUART Goes to the Headlands.

SQUART is Back!! As twin themes for this incarnation, SQUART will embrace the ideas of Retreat and Endurance.  On Saturday March 26th, 40 artists have committed to caravaning to the unusual, non-urban setting of the Headlands, (where abandoned military installations are set among rustic valleys and windswept ocean cliffsides) in order to attempt a strategic move away from the usual contexts and embark in a multitude of idiosyncratic end-runs and flanking maneuvers around the status quo of usual performance practices. Participants/creators will engage in the longer-than-usual, yet still highly compressed cycle of a 24 hour production period, after which a new SQUART offering will be showcased.

SQUART welcomes participation at all stages of the production process by those who wish to become involved from the beginning, at later moments, or simply come to observe the process or products of the SQUART Army (on) Retreat.

We are thrilled to welcome internationally celebrated artists JESS CURTIS –  KEITH HENESSY – CADEN MANSON – JEMMA NELSON – MEG STUART as our panel of celebrity judges. Similarly we are thrilled to be working along side Brian Karl, Program Director of Headlands Center for the Arts, and the wonderful team of staff, volunteers and artists in residency at this one of a kind art incubator.

How is this happening?

On Saturday May 26th at 2pm Artists Creators will join at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts screening room and watch “SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN” an experimental 74 minute film–portrait that transposes the research of choreographer Meg Stuart into fiction,Somewhere in Between recreates the behaviors and gestures of individuals in everyday life.  After the film we will join local performance artist Jesse Hewit as he moderates an informal discussion about the film, contextualized by Meg Stuart’s self–described themes of distortion, privacy, excess, and emotion. At the end of  this program we will caravan to the Headlands and jump start  what will be the next 24 hours of performance mayhem.

On Sunday March 27th – at 3pm – All groups will present their work to all who wish to see it.  If you want to be audience to what is created, get your tickets now at Brown Paper Tickets.

About SQUART:Short for Spontaneous queer art, SQUART was originally conceived by Laura Arrington, out of the desire to foster community and create work without preciousness.  THEOFFCENTER and SOMArts celebrate Laura’s passion and are committed to wholeheartedly support the production of this event.

SQUART’s format is simple, people show up at 6pm, break into teams and are given a list of criteria with two hours to make a piece. At 8pm whatever is made is performed! The work is then commented on by a panel of judges. It’s usually incredibly creative, inspiring, fun, and always bizarre.

What: SQUART – Spontaneous Queer Art
Who: Laura Arrington, THEOFFCENTER, SOMARTS and Headlands Center for the Arts
When: Saturday, March 26th,2011 (Participants) Sunday March 27th,2011 (Audiences)
Where: Headlands Center for the Arts – 

944 Simmonds Road, Sausalito, CA 94965

Cost: $10 – $5 for Headland Members – (NOTAFLF) – Get your tickets now.
Other: Mess Hall Café Open

Teams will present their completed works to the audience on Sunday March 27th at 3pm
10 queer dollars admission at the door (NOTAFLF)


SQUART! will be in residence at SOMArts in 2011 as part of the SOMArts Studio Series. The SOMArts (South of Market Arts, Resources, Technology, and Services) Studio Series is an informal assemblage of arts classes and events designed to encourage the production of contemporary work with a cultural perspective by artists of all ages and skill levels in San Francisco.

SQUART! is a joint production of  THEOFFCENTER, SOMArts and Laura Arrington.



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