THEOFFCENTER signs in as Community Partner with The Magic Theater

THEOFFCENTER signs in as Community Partner with The Magic Theater –
Creating a Dialogue Between the Arts.

The Lily’s Revenge

When a flower falls in love with a blushing bride, can he complete a quest to become a man and win her love? Should he? Playwright and burlesque performer Taylor Mac, along with dozens of local Bay Area artists, tackle love, marriage, and Prop 8–using vaudeville, haiku, drag queens, ukuleles, feminist theories, dream ballets, public dressing rooms, and everything else in Mr. Mac’s theatrical arsenal, A fantastical cornucopia of theatre, party, circus, and social experiment, The Lily’s Revenge cross examines with humor, heart, and irreverence one of our oldest institutions.

The Lily’s Revenge is a rolling world premiere with Magic Theatre, HERE Arts Center (New York), Southern Rep Theatre (New Orleans), and The National Theatre of Scotland.

“In its bravery, scope, creativity, extremity and sheer generosity of spirit, The Lily’s Revenge, to my mind, surpasses any American theater in New York this year…This play is not vying for polished immortality; it is living in its moment, which happens also to be ours… Mac’s achievement is as ephemeral as a bloom. See it before it fades into nostalgia itself. You are sure to forget it not”
-Adam Feldman (Time Out New York)

“’The Lily’s Revenge’ offers so many incidental pleasures that theatrical time — always a curiously malleable element — seems to contract. To my happy surprise, I emerged from ‘The Lily’s Revenge’ more refreshed than exhausted.’”
– Charles Isherwood (The New York Times)

A New Collaboration

A New Budding Collaboration
When The Magic Theater asked us to join as Community Partners for the production of Taylor Mac’s “The Lily’s Revenge” we were stocked. This work, previously presented in New York proved to be a community galvanizer without parallel.

In bringing that synergy to the Bay Area, The Magic Theatre is investing in the development of SF performance community in real time.  It’s a huge risk, a show of trust and one of pride all at once.  We see the value in that and are equally invested in its success.

Engaging six Bay Area performing arts companies; TheatreWorks in Palo Alto, Crowded Fire, Erika Chong Shuch Project, elastic future, Shotgun Players and Climate Theater plus costume, set, light designers, puppeteers, fine artists, a creative company of 50+, The Magic theater is setting a unparallel precedent for large theater houses in the bay area and beyond.

Together we are giving life to The Lily’s Revenge, an epic 5-hour theatrical production that comes to us as a gatherer of communities, a call for a city-wide celebration of the arts and its surveyors.

THEOFFCENTER (TOC) was brought in to help create a dynamic rapport amongst the many communities that form the San Francisco performance and art world. It is a challenge we are pleased to accept, we haven’t a doubt it’s going to be a great experience for all involved.

The Plan

The Plan
At the onset of this collaboration, and as a way to broaden our reach and support the scope of this production, we are brining in members of the Fine Art community. We are working with well known photographer Jose Guzman Colon (GlamGender) who undoubtedly will bring in the type of iconic imagery he is well known for, these images will help carry through the message this one of a kind production has to tell.

THEOFFCENTER has also enlisted renowned fine artist Jonathan Solo (represented by Catherine Clark Galleries) as co-curator of Lily’s own Pop Up Gallery, “We are asking a select group of fine artists to create work (installation, drawings, sculptures, etc) to support and dialogue with the performance of The Lily’s Revenge itself”. Said Sopprani, director of TOC and Co-curator of this effort.

Theater has always engaged with photographers, set designers and fine art practitioners, yet the offering from fine arts is often seen as pragmatic to the work preformed.  “By engaging with extraordinary artists we hope to encourage our collective ability to turn an abstract compositional argument into a passionate and always increasingly intimate dialogue” Ernesto shares.

“Jonathan Solo is a force in the fine arts community in San Francisco, working with him has been a goal of mine for a long time. I’ve just been waiting for the right project, and ‘The Lily’s Revenge’ is it. I’m looking forward to watching these communities come together and the resulting dialogue that’s bound to occur.” He adds.

The 3rd week of April, the exact day is yet to be announced, The Magic theater will sit still, if only for a few hours, to celebrate the art that this epic production has invoked.  From the sets, to the costumes, to all the site-specific work, we will all gather around it and celebrate all newly formed dialogues.

About The Magic

About Magic Theatre:
Located in Landmark Building D of San Francisco’s Historic Fort Mason Center, Magic Theatre is one of the most prominent theatres in the nation solely dedicated to the development and production of new plays. The mission of Magic Theatre is to give voice to playwrights, both emerging and established, and to develop and promote the work of theatre artists. Magic Theatre engages audiences in intimate, professional productions that speak to contemporary issues with originality and wit, a sense of urgency and adventure.  For 44 years Magic has contributed to the inventiveness and relevance of the national canon while passionately ensuring the future vibrancy of the American theatre. To learn more please visit


THEOFFCENTER (TOC), is an incubator for queer artists who looks to explore new approaches towards art making as well as art presenting. In the last year TOC has produced and supported the work of many emerging and established performers, (Jorge de Hoyos, Jesse Hewit, Laura Arrignton, Mica Sigourney, among others). By supporting work from a diverse array of Bay Area choreographers and performance artists we look to challenge concepts, forms and techniques from across dance, performance and theater practices.

Following the loss of 1519 Mission – a 30 years queer-centered performance space, and having witnessed similar institutions go under, we decided it was time to be self reliant and organize ourselves. Since then have produced and supported work that is community driven and focuses on art makers and art research.  Our biggest production to date has been TOO MUCH, a 10-hour performance marathon, co-produced with Keith Hennesy of Circo Zero, and co-curated by Keith and Julie Phelps, (one of three THEOFFCENTER directors)  “We had over 300 people come through the doors, 60 performances were presented in the span of 10 hours. It was incredible” shares Ernesto Sopprani, co-director of THEOFFCENTER.


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