Robert Avila’s article on the SF BAY GUARDIAN.

Robert Avila visited us at SQUART INTO THE WILD.  After witnessing what took place he saw it fit to ask more questions and wrote a piece for The Guardian’s Stage Section Volume 45, Issue 28.

This are some exerts we would like to highlight:

SQUART also epitomizes a community and an ethic of DIY art production that is on the rise just now across a range of insider/outsider artists in the Bay Area. It’s a generational movement, but at the same time it’s building on, and building relationships with, earlier generations of artists. It’s predominately queer, but genuinely inclusive; it’s DIY, but skilled and knowing; it’s anti-institutional but includes many with practical and critical training from university programs; and it’s been producing some of the most appealing, challenging, vital work in performance in the last few years. It’s a highly fertile scene that, taken as a whole, amounts to a movement and a rare moment”.  — Robert Avila

“In SQUART you have to use improvisational strategies to survive, but it’s actually about collective composition, which is really kind of amazing.”  — Keith Hennessy

On Community.

“It’s artists who are being built up on the support of a community,” Szlasa notes, “rather than artists looking to institutions to find the support in the community for their work, which is a really different thing. It might be a small community that they’re rallying, but it’s significant. Maybe it’s 200 people and they all see everything everybody does, but, you know, that’s a thing. And it appears to be a mindset change also, which I really appreciate. And I think that there’s something for us — I say “us” as a representative of Z Space or that sort of institution — to consider and learn from that.”   — David Szlasa, Programming Director, Z Space.

“These artists are not just interested in getting their own work out there. Most of them are also engaged in curating and producing each other’s work, serving as dramaturge, writing about it, and generally working to support the community and not just themselves. That’s where the strength comes from.” –Jessica Robinson, CounterPulse.

We at THEOFFCENTER would like to thank Robert Avila for taking the time to research and learn about our work, Also a big thank you and shout out to Laura Arrington for helping us make magic happen.  🙂

…and finally, we’d like to thank Keith Hennessy, David Szlasa, Jessica Robinson and everyone who participated in this piece.  We are a community as a direct result of their and you (who reads this now) participation.  We are very proud indeed.


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