Counting down to ZEROPOINT

THEOFFCENTER signs on as a community partner for ZEROPOINT – continuing the conversation about hybridity and collaboration, and deepening the connection with our mentors in creating radical and socially conscious work.


Artistic Roots

Having founded the legendary performance group Contraband from which the likes of Keith Hennessy, Kathleen Hermesdorf and Jess Curtis emerged, Sara Shelton Mann has been developing a hybrid body of knowledge that pulls from extreme dancing and art actions, healing and energy work, and mystical, multi-dimensional performance creations. She teams up with David Szlasa and local collaborators for a new work to premiere at Z Space June 2-4.

I believe that our energetic bodies convey deeper-rooted messages than any culture or identity can express…These messages form stories, and these stories form the “performance”. Like many artists who have spent a lifetime in the heart of their craft, I have come to believe that the exploration of these stories form a vital collective heritage that transcends the artifact of performance. My art is of a piece with my healing work and political engagement: it is meant to reveal and transmit the story of our collective humanity—our potential for excellence, our danger—in a time of global change, chaos, and paradigm shift. It is an antidote to fear, doubt, and greed as the face of who we are. (Sara Shelton Mann)


For more information on ZEROPOINT, visit

Sara Shelton Mann’s website

David Szlasa’s website

A note From Jorge deHoyos

We hope you can come see the show at Z Space this week.  David Szlasa and I set up a discount code for $12 tickets (instead of $15 for senior/student or $25 regular).  The code is OFFZ when you buy online…
The code is intended for artists affiliated with The OffCenter since we’re hoping that many of that constituency would see the show. Sara is a main root and source of knowledge in terms of a performance lineage for the developing scene here in SF.  For example, Keith, Kathleen, Jess, etc all studied under her and were involved in Contraband at some point, and a lot of what they share can be traced back to her influence and they great work they did collaboratively. For me personally, I believe her work is important because it embodies politics through movement and the circulation/transmission of energy in the performance setting.
Feel free to pass this on to people who would not be able to afford the show otherwise and/or to people who should have been on the email list.
Thanks for reading, and hope to see yous all tonight.



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