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Push Play Part III: OFFSITE
Sat, Sep 17, 3-7:45pm—Workshops begin at 3pm and 5pm sharp!
To be held at Joe Goode Performance Group’s space in the Mission District:
499 Alabama Street #150, San Francisco, CA 94110

FREE! Stay for Big Art Group’s The People: San Francisco at 8pm in the same location! During the final Push Play > of the BAN6 summer, audience are invited to take a glimpse at the process of local bay area performance makers. Generously hosted by Joe Goode Performance Group, celebrated queer performance incubator THEOFFCENTER curates an afternoon of avant-garde performance workshops that collaboratively shape, organize, and expose process in the dynamic environment of the newly remodeled Joe Goode space. Guests may join workshops at 3pm or 5pm.

Project Description: Cloud making describes the age old manifestation, consumption, and delivery model of creation. It involves provisioning of dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources, intentions and alliances.

The artist provides us with concept, the presenter with access, the host with space to witness, the audience with a reaction and feedback to the work at hand.  Cloud making is a byproduct and consequence of group creation.

THEOFFCENTER invites audiences to participate actively and add to this conversation.  4 processes to chose from, each will lead to the cloud creation of a performative phrase  in the course of one evening. Join others and participate as maker, listen to lead artists workshop processes, help shape the work, and be in it, in the middle of it.

4 different yet interdependent performances to choose from, from ritual to object to state work, all in an open audition format, come at 3 and 5, sign up and help create.

3pm Workshops
Workshop 01 Facilitators: Jorge de Hoyos and Harold Burns
Workshop 02 Facilitators: Evan Johnson and Macklin Kowal
Workshop 03 Facilitators: Honey McMoney

5pm Workshop
Workshop 04 Facilitators: Jesse Hewit and Laura Arrington

01: The Ritual

Workshop 01: The Ritual

Date and Place Specifics: Push Play Part III: OFFSITE
Sat, Sep 17, 3pm—Workshop begins at 3pm 

To be held at Joe Goode Performance Group’s space in the Mission District:

499 Alabama Street #150, San Francisco, CA 94110

Lead Facilitators: Jorge de Hoyos and Harold Burns 

Workshop Description: Harold Burns and Jorge Rodolfo de Hoyos seek to cultivate energy in the pursuit of profound embodiments of consciousness and opportunities to manifest powerful new realities.  In the lineage of avant-garde artists Sara Shelton Mann and Keith Hennessy, they will work queered visions of esoteric, anarchist and permacultural tenents.  Participants will be invited into shared physical practices that allow for hyper-sensory and hypo-sensory experiences.  By the end we will have created a ritual community score that attempts to transform our current consciousness and invite new visions.

Pre-registration preferred – email us here

02: The Chorus

Workshop 02: The Chorus

Date and Place Specifics: Push Play Part III: OFFSITE
Sat, Sep 17, 3pm—Workshop begins at 3pm

To be held at Joe Goode Performance Group’s space in the Mission District:

499 Alabama Street #150, San Francisco, CA 94110

Lead Facilitators: Evan Johnson and Macklin Kowal

Workshop Description: Evan Johnson and Macklin Kowal propose a group exploration of the chorus – the singular energetic body composed of many distinct bodies. Exercises will focus on different models of harmony and discord of movement, breath, and voice and their potentials for collective transcendence. Inquiry will culminate in the construction of a collaboratively devised performative moment.

Pre-registration preferred – email us here

03: The Structure

Workshop 03: The Structure


Date and Place Specifics: Push Play Part III: OFFSITE
Sat, Sep 17, 3pm—Workshop begin at 3pm 

To be held at Joe Goode Performance Group’s space in the Mission District:

499 Alabama Street #150, San Francisco, CA 94110

Lead Facilitators: Honey McMoney

Research: I have been working with paper and the relationship of plane (2D) to volume (3D) for many years. It is the basis for what I do. This public engagement will share some ideas about that conceptual relationship as process and expose guests to ideas about organic (pinecone) and human (fashion) geometry.

Action: In the loft space upstairs at Joe Goode, with many reams of office paper and tissue paper and lots of rolls of white tape, participants/guests will be encourage to fold and tape paper units and build a larger structure in the space.

Pre-registration preferred – email us here

04: The Attempt

Workshop 04: The Attempt


Date and Place Specifics: Push Play Part III: OFFSITE

Sat, Sep 17, 3pm—Workshops begin at 3pm 

To be held at Joe Goode Performance Group’s space in the Mission District:
499 Alabama Street #150, San Francisco, CA 94110

Lead Facilitators: BAN6 Artists Laura Arrington and Jesse Hewit

Workshop Description: Laura Arrington and Jesse Hewit invite you to come out of yourself/into yourself. Within the body, this workshop will create ritual, representation, and failure. Additionally, participants will be encouraged to discuss and reflect on the necessity of altering consciousness and behavior in order to promote new creativity and inherently queer modes of critical thought and art-making. Heavy and prolonged movement will occur, and participants are encouraged to come ready to activate and let go.

Pre-registration preferred – email us here


Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos
Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos is a San Francisco based performance artist, activist arts administrator and community organizer. His work seeks to create a space to scrutinize, question, construct and deconstruct the systems that hold the personal in relationship to the social, spiritual and ecological. His work ranges from contemporary performance art for the stage, public interventions and communal ritual experiences to traditional Mexican Folklórico dance. Jorge has worked with choreographers such as Meg Stuart, Sommer Ulrickson, and Erika Chong Shuch as well as two of his current mentors Keith Hennessy and Sara Shelton Mann. He derives much of his energy from the vibrant communities that abound in San Francisco, especially his close friends working in queer performance and activism. Jorge was born in Los Angeles, has a BA in Cultural Anthropology from UC Santa Cruz, and is certified in Urban Permaculture Design.

Harold Burns
Harold Burns is a dancer, educator and organizer.  He attempts to be more human everyday.  He likes to examine power and subconscious desires.  He’s sensitive and a little shy, but he loves fiercely even if you hate him.  He likes building community with new and old friends, he tries to remember your name and the last dream you shared with him.  He has a vision for a world where artists and other poor people have access to affordable housing, healthcare and political power.

Evan Johnson
Evan Johnson is a queer theatre and performance maker working in devised/ensemble strategies and physical theatre forms. His work includes text, character and story explorations, movement, improvisation and masks. Evan co-founded IT Speaks along with Jamie Van Camp in 2006 as well as 11.11 Art Group with Ernesto Sopprani in 2010. He teaches performance classes to young people at several local sites through SF Rec and Parks. A graduate of The Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake, CA, Evan presented his original play for one actor, “DON’T FEEL: The Death of Dahmer” (with 11.11 Art Group) at Mama Calizo’s Factory (RIP) as a 2010 DIY Resident Artist. Also at MCVF he co-created “SHAME!” with Naked Empire Bouffon (2009). IT Speaks has presented it’s interactive comedic showcase “The Hello Show!” in 2007 and 2008 and taught physical theatre workshops to High Schoolers. Since moving to San Francisco in 2009, Evan has begun performing an eccentric female character named Martha T. Lipton (the failed actress) at bars and parties. Johnson studied character-based comedy with Master Clowns, Giovanni Fusetti in Boulder, CO in 2007 and at Dell’Arte with Ronlin Foreman (’05 and ’06). Evan has worked as an Intern with Double Edge Theatre in Ashfield, MA in 2006. Currently, he is working with The New Conservatory Theatre Center, as an Emerging Artist, where he will premiere his newest full-length solo work PANSY, in 2012. Fore more information on Evan and to stay up to date on PANSY click here:

Macklin Kowal
Macklin Kowal is a dancer and choreographer based in his native San Francisco. His movement training concentrated in studies of kathak and flamenco, Kowal makes contemporary dance works that prioritize a cyclical sense of rhythm and narrative. His work interrogates embodied experiences of the spectacular through deploying queer bodies and queered characters in re-imagined works of popular film, theatre, and literature. Kowal is an alumnus of the San Francisco School of the Arts, San Francisco State University, and l’Université de Paris VIII Vincennes-Saint-Denis. His work has been shown at the Garage, the San Francisco Art Institute, and Circo Zero’s Too Much! A Queer Performance Marathon, among others.

Honey McMoney
Honey Jernquist is a visual and performance artist working in a variety of no, old, and low tech media. His work addresses issues of personal, public and private space and their intersections; personal devotion, material obsession, and the ephemeral. He lives and works in San Francisco. Most people know him as Honey McMoney.

Laura Arrington
Laura/Larry grew up in Louisiana. She has been making performance in the Bay since 2008. Most recently she was an artist in residence at CounterPULSE, creating the work Hot Wings under the mentorship of Joe Goode. She has worked as a guest artist in The University of San Francisco’s Dance and Social Justice Department, as a choreographer for Cutting Ball Theater (voted best theater by The San Francisco Bay Guardian’s Best of the Bay 2010), as an assistant director for Erika Chong Shuch’s Love Everywhere, and as a performer for AXIS Dance/David Dorfman, Jess Curtis, Keith Hennessy, Christopher Williams, Nina Winthrop, and Ellis Wood. She has a BFA from the University of North Carolina Greensboro where she studied Dance, Art, and Gender

Jesse Hewit
Jesse Hewit is a choreographer working primarily in San Francisco, and the leader of Strong Behavior, an ongoing performance project and company. Additionally, he curates and facilitates original performance and discussion through Dancer’s Group, CounterPULSE, and the National Queer Arts Festival. In the past year, besides working with his extraordinary company, Jesse has collaborated on original work with Erika Chong Shuch, Catherine Galasso, Sara Kraft, Travis Mathews, and Keith Hennessy, and was the recipient of the 2010 GOLDIE award for performance. He holds a BFA from Tisch’s Experimental Theater Wing (NYU) and an MA in Sexuality Studies from SFSU. To learn more, go to, and come see The Dog Show, premiering at Z Space in December of 2011.

Lead Curator and Concept by

Ernesto Sopprani – Ernesto coordinates location-specific and primarily community-based performance projects. Whether as an artist or as an arch-collaborator, his work is geared towards investigating innovative and self-sustainable models of presenting art and performance, specifically queer work, which expands upon the common definition of Queer and challenges his and his community’s relationship to live performance.  As Director of THEOFFCENTER, Ernesto has overseen the production, curation and execution of dozens of site-specific, research-based art interventions, a number of large scale performance festivals, multiple performer centered art programs both at presenting houses (YBCA, Mission Cultural Center, Mission Dance, The Magic Theatre, SOMArts and others) as well as public spaces (BART trains, city streets, and a privately owned boxing ring).  Ernesto was Artist participant of the 2011 YBCA’s Bay Area Now 6 program. Ernesto is also Community Engagement Chair for the SF Bay Area Emerging Arts Professionals. email Ernesto.


Special thanks: David Archuleta at the Joe Goode Performance Group,  Ken Foster, Angela Mattox, Joel Tan, and Nick Colin from Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Stay for Big Art Group’s The People: San Francisco at 8pm around the corner at Z Space.


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