Robert Steijn 3-Day Intensive – Diving into the Subconscious

THEOFFCENTER, Zero Performance, Jorge De Hoyos and KUNST-STOFF Arts are proud to present internationally acclaimed dance and performance artist Robert Steijn for a three day workshop intensive Monday-Wednesday, October 31st-November 2nd at KUNST-STOFF Arts.

Working between Amsterdam and Vienna, Robert Steijn’s multiple careers in and around contemporary dance include several years as a critic, curator, dramaturg, performer, and teacher. Now he tries to bring the magic back into life and into the theatre. Steijn believes that everyone can become a homemade contemporary shaman, if they put themselves on the path of poetry. His helper is a deer, who appears in many of his texts and dances.

Robert Steijn’s intensive occurs during San Francisco’s most ‘holy’ week: Halloween and Day of the Dead. Both of these events mark the time of death/rebirth when the veils between the worlds of the living and the dead are the most permeable. This is genius! And a great time to be in San Francisco experimenting with bodymind states and invisible consciousness and of course, communication with the ancestors, however you experience them.

Following the 3-day intensive, Robert will perform his solo piece “I am reborn a smoker / Allowing myself to get high in the clouds of imagination” on Thursday, Nov 3rd at the Joe Goode Performance Annex. A performance in the form of a lecture/demonstration, Steijn mixes story telling, dancing, stand up comedy and serious investigation to get obsessed with invisible energies and presences.

3-Day Intensive – Diving into the Subconscious
Monday-Tuesday, Oct 31-Nov 1, 5:30-9:30pm
Wednesday, Nov 2, 1-5pm
1 Grove St (across from Main Library), SF 94102

Cost: Sliding Scale $95-145 for the full intensive
or $35-50 per drop-in day

To registrer visit:

or pay in cash when you come to the workshop

Robert writes about the intensive:
I am interested to investigate how different belief-systems function in our body and mind when we perform, or make performances. Is there any difference between knowing and believing when we work with the body and mind in a creative way? In the workshop we will explore different body and mind states to generate dance, text, and presence work . For instance we could explore the going into of a light trance state, by dancing with duration and repetition, by working with (the imagination of) invisible presences, and last but not least, by diving into the subconscious, when we agree such a thing exists. I like to do these kind of experiments in a reflective, but also innocent and playful way. I am always looking for what kind of space we must create in ourselves, to meet our body and mind in the most intimate and human conditions.

Of course i represent myself and my own desires, but i also know that i represent a type of European dance and theatre people who investigate possible contemporary ritualistic aspects of dance, theatre and performance art.

More About Robert Steijn
Steijn has collaborated with Frans Poelstra/united sorry, Latifa Labiissi, Anne Teresa de Keersemaeker, Maria Hassabi, Cilia Erens and Georg Blaschke, Theater der Jungen Welt (Leipzig) and Theater im Bahnhof (Graz). He teaches at School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam and p.a.r.t.s. in Brussels.Steijn is strongly influenced by the performance artist Jack Smith, the poets Walt Whitman and Alan Ginsberg, the conceptual artists Dan Graham and Matt Mullican, the Korean shaman/performer Hi-Ah Park, Ayahuasca rituals, long walks and very significant dreams and visions about how to go on in his life.

Robert Steijn (aka DJ Sorry) often works in tandem with Frans Poelstra (aka Mr. United) forming the group United Sorry. Read their manifesto and check out the website:

For further information please visit THEOFFCENTER.ORG
or Contact Jorge De Hoyos at 661.645.9540 or



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