Before Common Error or Gay Area Now

We present the queer body’s reactions to physical and conceptual time/space. The performances exist as rituals that delineate the viewers awareness of visibility, both spectacular and quiet. Each performer is working with an individual language that hopes to reach the audience through emotional catharsis. The artists are responding to failures within language and the onslaught of our impending doom.


s.d. albani
This woman unfolding

where the witch learns how to turn the black limits of thought into the resurrection
and delivers herself from the limits
and wrings out the inevitable damp sky and fills her mind with a wave
unrepentant she witnesses and let’s her given name take shape second to no one second to no one

Keke Hunt
I am a student at the San Francisco Art institute. I use Sculpture, Video and Performance. I am interested in the intersubjective experience and the way that the a person inhabits (Their specific body or their marked body) defines their experience of the world. I explore the way power structures direct and restrict the actions of bodies in the world. I am interested in the way action of one body is glorified while the same action performed by another body is shamed or seen as pathological. With these ideas in mind, I investigate questions like, “what is the difference between the surgeon and the serial killer?” I look at the processes we use to separate ourselves from the body in order to deny the intersubjective experience.  In addition, I look at the way that, through action, we define ourselves in terms of or in opposition to archetypal bodies.

Sean Stevens
Sean Stevens has been living in San Francisco for approximately 1 and ½ years.  When he first moved here, he lived on Clay Street in a studio apartment that was leased at a reduced price due to construction and building code violations.  During this year, construction lasted the entire time; the lead pipes were replaced and parts of the walls with asbestos were carefully removed.  In the 7th month of his stay in this residence, his next-door neighbor of 73 died of cancer and left him an antique armoire, which he in tern left on the sidewalk when he moved out.  At the end of this one-year lease he had to move out because the building code violations were fixed and rent returned to its normal rate, which he could not afford.  When he moved, he rented a Uhaul van and hosted a small party inside of it under the freeway.  He currently lives in the Soma district on 8th street in a 5 bedroom apartment with 4 other people of a similar age demographic.

Jenn Kolmel
I am an artist and a lover.
I create or “curate” events, build cameras and costumes, collaborate with more talented artists, fixate, make films and perform. My films have screened in a variety of settings including: Frameline Film Festival, MIX Mexico, Seattle Center of Contemporary Art, RAID Projects and in the upcoming book and DVD “Strange Attractors.” I’ve performed or done “performance art” in venues including: Yerba Buena Center for The Arts, SOMArts Cultural Center, Highways performance space, The Velaslavasay Panorama Theatre, The Garage, a bunch of galleries, a few living rooms, two very nice leather bars and my all-time favorite piano-lounge. As a “curator” I received a Queer Cultural Centre (QCC) grant with my collaborator Lex Sloan for the queer experimental film program “This Is…,” included QCC’s 2012 June Program. I am also the creator and host of The News, an upcoming monthly performance night at SOMArts Cultural Center featuring all new work by bay area artists working in a multitude of performance based disciplines. You should ask me about this one.

David Nolan
Prefers to remain a mystery.

Alien Moon Partnership
The Alien Moon Partnership is a collective of personae that intersect profane and delicate emotions with tragic gestures. These uncompromising spectacles hope to incite catharsis in the viewer. This is about getting emotional and feeling bad, to reach the dregs of humanity by pathetically sailing into intense psychological landscapes. The Alien Moon Partnership forms dramatic rituals around melancholy to deal with queer-lived traumas. Our purpose is to reclaim cliches from a general sense and to work towards the long process of healing. We are all learning how to be better human beings, but it’s hard when you’re an alien.

Smith Koy Smith
Smith Koy Smith is a video and performance artist hailing from the Washington D.C. area. Since moving to San Francisco in 2009 his work has addressed themes ranging from sexuality and gender identity, to internet pop culture and Metal subculture. By using his own body, Smith is able to address identity, gender stereotypes, and the politics of representation which transcends the autobiographical nature of the work.


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