Notes from the Grid & Fees – The Greed Factor. (A Work in Progress) by Sara Shelton Mann

Sara Shelton Mann

Notes from the Grid

1. Thousands of years ago a cataclysm occurred physically and consciously that created a wobble on the planets. The program was fear. (Victim, persecutor, rescuer) To control create fear and add a program of religions. We wake up to a practical spiritual economy. Stay in the body and out of the noise.

2. You are in the pantry looking through the key- hole. You see knives flying by. You decide to stay inside.

3. Objects. Love them and take care of them. (Mostly they aren’t meant to last these days. Or, shop till you drop.

4. The solar flares. Deconstruction/Reconstruction project.

5. Standing outside lineage is like looking through a window at a cultural belief. I can focus on the jewelry or look at my own reflection. It became clear that I did not make art that was acceptable to the lineage I chose. This taught me two things. 1. I trust myself 2. The perceiver is a participant.

PS – the operator in India does not care about my personal finances.


Fees – The Greed Factor. (A Work in Progress)

Response to believing in the ridiculous nature of niavity.

101 awareness training. I believe what people tell me – and then find that the fine print says otherwise, and I am stuck with a cell phone I don’t want, a car I can’t afford, fees I never signed up for and automatic payments I can’t get out of.

The automated system is for paying bills and if you do get customer service they try to sell you something while you are aiming to get your $. Back. I think the technique is to get you so angry that you hang up. They’ve won. This is affluence?

In my next life, I will owe a debt for managing to get into this precious vehicle. Besides the belief systems, disabilities, learning curve on the 3rd dimension and aging I will owe.


Fad 1 – blow up the body, since we never die.

Bomb it, torture it and enslave it, as long as its not yours. Free market to plunder and kill to impliment an economic plan for the few seems to have landed in our living room and if someone gets through the border and the CIA – their legs are blown off in public.

The shock and awe series coming home – allows for smaller plunders – what used to be free is now “good business”

Fad 2 – Need to speak to an agent

$25, thank you , Doctor after hours, not in this country

Pay a bill by phone $14.95. $25 to receive a package in a hotel, $10 for housekeeping, $3 for paper statement, $2 for shipping tape, $2 for a test spritz of cologne. Smisek – the CEO of United Continental comes in at $4.4 million annually at last count. Is that our $25 baggage fee?

I hope and pray the shift to heart based intelligence happens faster than the ice cold pride of evil.

I got 3 messages from spirit today.

1. On the news a 69 yr old woman has lived without $ for 10 years. She was a Russian refugee as a child, lived in Germany and one day looked around and said “this is insane”. She quit her job, gave up her apartment and hitchhikes. She does gardening and cleans for a bed –has written 3 books – and is happy. Whatever money she makes she gives away.

2. David Wolfe, the rawfood health guru is not wealthy. He drives a jeep, wears flipflops and carries a blender, toothbrush and a suitcase.

He says the only resource that Costa Rica has is its natural beauty. Therefore it is not on the list.

3. The belief that I am poor was taught to me. The fear beneath it is in the collective. I can unsubscribe.

And the birds are still here – and what they see – they record. To follow the unending vastness of awareness and find your job – whatever it may be is enough. To hide is not. Freedom is in awareness – you cannot be separate from your experience.

Jan 15, 2012


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