Do you know any Canadians?

Well come to the Maplechasers screening and become familiar with some of our finest queer Canadian video makers! Fall in love with the canucks! Move up north to the land of beavers, the queen, and maple syrup and get all your art funded.

This engaging bill spans from coast to coast with many video makers dwelling in Vancouver and Montreal. The theme of this bill is hidden histories and secret fantasies of my polite people. This collection of films give us secret windows into the varied lives of new and old contemporary northern artists.

Remy Huberdeau‘s film Home of the Buffalo speaks to living in the many different and separate worlds of Canada: native and white, English and French. Using striking historic black and white found footage he narrates a search for acceptance from his father.

Kandis Friesen creates a powerful experimental documentary work entitled Trade which challenges the notion of national history and memory by carefully hand sewing the colonial borders onto the map of Canada while speaking to broken peace treaties through intelligent animation. Bold and true disturbing statements are shown to the viewer provoking politicized thought.

From here we move onto the young Brecia Bloodbeard, one of Canada’s most travelled witchy queers. They travel joyfully all throughout North America being part of various geographical and forested communities. While on their journeys they skin roadkill animals to eat so they will not go to waste. The lively animation of a running deer moves to Bloodbeard’s voice which is singing to thank them for giving its’ life. This is juxtaposed with brutal roadkill stills. Bloodbeard represents a talented new generation of raw queer aesthetic.

Martin Borden is a skilled silverfox video artist who brings us an exquisite ballet of condoms that meet each other in an underwater world after they are flushed down the toilet. Strangely mesmerizing, the extraordinary simple beauty of the transparent condom sheaves speak to the color, shape, and form of painterly aesthetic.

www.cocoriot.com/ and www.elishalim.com/ are our most ‘in love’ Canadian genderqueers. Their love has spawned the birth of a gender art activist project http://callmethey.tumblr.com/ because Toronto’s gay newspaper refused to use the they pronoun. Their activism has helped to reversed the newspaper’s refusal to use this genderqueer pronoun. In this film their beautiful love shines forth in the form of Spanish love poem.

Johnny Forever, our Polish- Canadian genderqueer interdisciplinary superstar, has created Eyebrow Moustache, a playful and powerful investigation into hair as a gender signifier. http://johnnyforever.wordpress.com/

Dr. Lucas Crawford, the recipient of our prestigious Trudeau Scholarship, tries his hand at film making with Threadbare. He tries on a vast collection of sweaters on his non operated on trans body making a striking play between gender and the need for Canadian warmth.

Maya Suess, Anthea Black, and Mr & Mrs. Keith Hennessey bring an edge of camp drag glamour to the bill. The ever slick femme spitfire, Maya Suess (www.mayasuess.com/) brings the theatre to this bombshell cabaret with a musical number. Get it! Black and Hennessey perform as glittering twinned trannies, united in inter-dimensional hilarious sparkling love. They performed the Glitter Bike Ride in New York City and the resulting work was part of PopSex! Science, History, Culture, Art – An exhibition of contemporary reactions to Magnus Hirschfeld’s Institute for Sexual Science (Berlin 1919-1933)

Shayo, shayo.ca/, is a brilliant young creator from Montreal, one of our finest unsung heroines. She takes inspiration from daily life creating ritual acts bursting with colourful beauty and purpose. Magic seeps through every image as she explores the possibility of intimacy and the poetry of illness.

Lamathilde (www.lamathilde.com/)our local Parisian based in Montreal creates two cheeky little works of mature originality that are less than a minute each. Humour is ever present in this worldly artist’s work. Our kookiest west coaster who runs the Hammock Residency in Vancouver B.C. http://www.heidi-nagtegaal.com/ shows us her knitting and directing skills in Redirecting Traffic. She has knitted covers for the bright orange traffic cones and interrupts traffic patterns, taking her domesticity to the streets!

The bill includes stunning new styles of Canadian animation by Jess Mac and Jenny Lin (www.jenny-lin.ca) Jenny’s animation oozes with strange ambiguous fantasy that the viewer pleasantly struggles to understand. A delightful new Canadian star is born! Jess Mac is interested in how violence is perpetuated collectively through popular narratives, concepts of justice and denial of accountability. She frequently engages with communities and collectives and is a strong believer in collaboration. She is one of Canada’s most intriguing up and coming video artists. See http://jessicamaccormackrmack.tumblr.com/ for more of her stunning work.

One of the audience pleasers of this bill is a powerful 9 minute documentary of an elderly romantic Quebecois person called Je les aime encore by Marie-Pierre Grenier . The beauty of lost love and the melancholic sweetness hits viewers to the core as we can all relate to sadness. This charming little short has won many prizes all over the world.

Michael V. Smith is one of the west coast’s most infamous faggots. This radical faerie/ novelist/ academic knows how to make a movie! This film is everyday yet fantastical in the dream-like layering of his masturbation and the narrative of his unspoken truest desires. We never see his face just his body. For more of Michael’s body of work look at www.michaelvsmith.com.

Clark Nicolai is another west coast faggot genius who gives great film! http://www.vcn.bc.ca/~nikolai/ His films have been pleasing audiences internationally for a very a long time. He is an extremely skilled film maker and a playful west coast bear. In Galactic Docking Company he explores the homoerotic world of NASA and their phallic spaceships.

I invite all readers to come out on Friday March 23 to experience this rare all travelling Canadian bill.
— Coral Short

Friday March 23rd, 7-10pm
848 Divisadero @ McAllister

This event is co-presented by Ernesto Sopprani
(Director of THEOFFCENTER)
Coral Short (Curator from Montreal/ NYC)

*Delicious popcorn and donation bar will be available

And to get last minute updates please follow the Maple Cashers FACEBOOK event page



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