Karl Cronin’s The Wild Men CD Release Party & TOC Residency


Karl Cronin presents a free concert performance of his one act opera The Wild Men.

[box class=”grey_box”] THE WILD MEN, a one act opera for tenor, laptop and midi orchestra. The story begins with a man who has taken to wandering the forests at dusk, looking for a shadow he knows to be his own. His other half. His animal nature. He begins to court his shadow and they fall deeply in love, entangled in a passion that suspends the man’s fear – a fear that provokes the other townspeople to drive out the shadow from their woods. Together they flee to Pando, a single stand of aspen trees in eastern Utah. Pando’s root system stretches over 107 acres, and is believed to be over 80,000 years old, making it one of the oldest living organisms on the planet. It is here that the man and his shadow prepare to undergo a series of rites that will either grant them the ability to merge into one, or forever wander in search of each other. [/box]

About Karl Residency at THEOFFCENTER

With his residency at The OFF Center, Karl is tackling four primary research areas:
1. Music as a technology for documenting and communicating somatic states and subjective experience.
2. Transpersonal narratives derived from personal mythology.
3. Modular, scalable touring models for catalyzing teams of performers, designers, and producers to create spectacles at the intersection of pop music, contemporary classical music, and fashion.
4. The potential for music concerts to serve as cultural forums for building community and exploring human potential.

To hear Karl’s music and for more information visit http://karlcronin.com


KARL CRONIN is a neoclassical pop singer & composer. Working at the intersection of pop music and contemporary opera, Karl performs original song cycles in collaboration with musicians, dancers, DJs, fashion designers, and theater directors. Working in the tradition of grand opera, his mission is to create performance events that serve as public forums for exploring the challenges and opportunities facing humanity. His compositions often use allegory and myth to explore contemporary themes of love, fear, radical generosity, and our relationships with each other and the earth. Trained in classical cello and contemporary dance, Cronin received a BA in Music from Boston College, which is where he co-produced his first opera, Dido and Aeneas. His work is deeply influenced by his history as a performance and intermedia artist, and he has studied music composition with Thomas Oboe Lee, music cognition with Drs. Gottfried Schlaug and Ellen Winner, contemporary performance with Deborah Hay, JoAnna Mendl Shaw, Jennifer Monson, and faculty at Movement Research (NYC), and currently studies voice in San Francisco with Jonathan Smucker. He has presented his work at clubs, concert halls, and galleries throughout the country, including the San Francisco Art Institute (CA), San Francisco International Arts Festival (CA), SOMArts (CA), The Boston Institute of Contemporary Art (MA), Jay Etkin Gallery (NM), Rainbow Starlight Lounge (NM), Danspace (NYC), MR @ Judson Memorial Church (NYC), and the Santa Fe Art Institute (CA).   The Wild Men was inspired by research conducted while in residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute (NM) and Playa (OR).


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