TIWIW 2012 – This Is What [YOU] Want – Experiential


This Is What YOU Want – Experiential

Presented as part of the
This is What I Want Festival

30th June 2012 5pm-11pm
at the Center for Sex and Culture
1349 Mission Street, San Francisco

Free of Charge with reservation
reserve your seat at EventBrite

As the culminating event of the week-long festival, “This Is What YOU Want,” is conceived festival’s Artistic Director Tessa Wills, directed and produced by San Francisco artist and sexuality activist TT Baum, and developed with Sadie Lune and Captain Liam Snowden.

“This Is What YOU Want” is an experience that looks to value the individual process of stating one’s desire. Working with performer/facilitators known as “chargers”, audience members will have the opportunity to design and taste their own unique mix of alternative sexual practice and performance.

“This Is What You Want” (right?)

This piece is an invitation for the audience of “This Is What You Want” 2012. An audience inspired by the staging of desires over the week.

What is it that YOU want?  Do you know?  Does it matter?
What sort of people do you want to share it with? (lover? friend? priest? teacher? student?)
What if you confessed a fake desire?  Or…someone else’s desire?
What is the value of speaking what you desire?

This is What YOU Want is a piece that provides us with a framework to explore these and other questions around an economy of desire.

As the culmination of “This Is What I Want” 2012, Center of Sex and Culture hosts a participatory exploration conceived by Tessa Wills and Directed by TT Baum, developed with assistance from artists and Bay Area luminaries:  Kirk Read, Cayenne, Pele, Syd Blaekovitch, Sadie Lune, Praney, Christraper, Dr. Epiphany, PhD, Philip Huang, Elizabeth McSurdy,  SiouxsieQ, Ian Waisler, Minax, Annie Danger, Captain Snowden, and Carol Queen.

Tickets are $15 – $25.

Your exploration is an hour long (you’ll be given an appointment time),
and it will be presented in three stages.

You can say a desire to the charger of your choosing,
but remember that if you ask, maybe you will get what you desire…
or not.   And maybe it will answer some of the questions above.
Or not. Make it risky, make it profound. Or not!

We are expecting it to be many things, especially; fun.

June 30th at the CSC 5pm till 11pm. Only 80 tickets for this event.


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