Blog Salon #3 – JOIN THE QUEER MILITIA by Mona G Hawd


That spoiled brat Maryam.
She feels like collapsing all the time.

Things happen around her that make her want to escape into herself and into some other dimension.
Collapse is not an option though right now people. So, I have some questions that you can ask yourself, as you gear up so that we may continue to fight the fights that need fighting. We don’t have a lot of the same kinds of things that fuel normies, but we’ve got good stuff. So fucking dig it:


Mona G Hawd by Arturo Cosenza


Please answer the questions below if you are interested in applying, all applicants may post responses below or email them directly to Ernesto or Anna who will relay them to me. I’m sure I won’t reject you. In this scrappy army, all are welcome. Unless you’re an asshole, in which case you’re especially invited to join.


1. What are your resources? Do you practice magic? Do you own stones? Do you read the tarot? Do you talk to the dead? Do you have parents who have money, whose resources you can feasibly tap into? Be crafty. Know what you have in your personal arsenal, and don’t be afraid to embellish. Theft is a total option, but only if you’re 100% sure you can get away with it.

2. What are your strengths? If you have a gun, can you shoot it with any accuracy? Can you teach others? If you have plants, can others eat them for nourishment? Can you cook? Can you make things that feed a person’s body, heart, or soul? Of course you can. If you have the ability to share these resources, all the better. Please be specific.

3. Tell me about your ancestry. What is your lineage? Do you feel any connection to your genetic or your cultural heritage? Can you call upon the spirit of Leigh Bowry, or Freddy Mercury or Maria Callas to help yourself and us along? Do you wonder why you inhabit the particular land on which you live? Have you learned a single fucking thing from or about the indigenous people who were cleansed off this land so some white asshole could build shitty structures on it? If not, is that because you’re afraid it will make you seem like an aging white divorcee who’s into “spirituality” if you do? Can you find a way to connect with the land you’re on? Can you find a way to connect with any practice that will sustain your earth connection, ancient or modern, that doesn’t make you feel like a squirrely appropriating shitwad? Do you feel comfortable calling upon the earth for strength? If you can’t feel ok with even the cunt hair’s worth of entitlement it takes to get strength from the earth, that sucks and I’m sorry, but you should get on top of that. An easy sense of entitlement is a major thing that separates Us and Them. I can help you get started, but if you’re really good at this, let me know, cause I could use some help with feeling Entitled to living on the land I’m on.

4. What are you wearing? What does it communicate? I know what you’re wearing, but I want you to tell me anyway. You’re probably wearing something fucking slammin, thank the goddess. You’re probably wearing something tight, or at least nicely fitted, or maybe something gloriously draped, something that shows some skin maybe…but for sure you’re self-styled to the max. You’re not afraid of colors. You’re not afraid of textures. God you fucking badass, I’m so glad to know you! Here’s where I’m proud of you for failing, for once. Good job failing to be beholden to the square world of normy fashion. You are the generators, yours are the fashions that the industry pulls from, you make child bloggers cream their panties, you are the hope for the fashion future, you are the people from whom the Gaultiers of the world thieve.

I want to take this moment to call upon the earth to instill each of you with the boundless energy for self-styling in all the ways that manifests. May the energy of the center of the earth rise up in each string of your respective vibrations and strengthen you to make, to create, to live, to be, to radiate successfully in ways both queered and also totally recognized by the mainstream world. I have a prayer for our collective revivification, both spiritual and material. I encourage you to go out and get it, and I’ll help you get it, cause it’s yours and it’s ours. Collapse is not an option.

[box]Mona G Hawd is a futuristic lesbionic genocial bitch.

Maryam Farnaz Rostami is a San Francisco based contemporary performance artist and drag queen from Texas. Her work deals with the complexities of the modern condition through the lens of the child of model minorities. Mona G. Hawd, Maryam’s drag/nightlife persona, uses lipsync, movement, narrative, dance and an exaggerated high femme medium to question ownership of images in our culture. Her most recent theater piece, PERSIAN LOOKING, explores the notion of righteous modern female rage.

Current Projects: Nicole Kidman is Fucking Gorgeous- ongoing performance project with Mica Sigourney and John Foster Cartwright. Also currently re-working PERSIAN LOOKING.  For more information visit [/box]



  1. I also agree that collapse is not an option. How you are talking about survival, and fighting. I also dig the format of your piece – questions for an application. I also like how you are talking about earth connection, and how folks should try to get real with this. The kind of on-going struggle. The ways colonization forces and wants us to collapse. Our survivorship and our reclamations.

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