[box] Articulating Disorientation – A Workshop (Improvisation/Exploration) by Jeremy Wade.
Mon-Fri January 28th- February 1st – 10am-1pm and 2pm-4pm $225.
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[box]Fountain – a Performance by Jeremy Wade  – JAN 25-26, FRI-SAT at 8PM at CounterPULSE – Fountain, is a solo from Jeremy Wade that has been evolving since early experiments 2010. The work proposes a generative sphere of uncertainty as Wade circumvents traditional audience-performer dynamics and facilitates a generous group experience that evolves into a sensual engine. Wade assumes the role of preacher, shaman, and fool, by offering himself as a medium to receive and transform the energy of the theater space taking the audience on an emotional and alchemical journey. Wade’s choreographic technique is a unique encounter of aesthetic, sociological, and neurological dimensions. He derives movement from intense attention to the multiplicity of impulses in the body that are drawn from neurological processes, social constructions of norm, and aesthetic decisions. The stage becomes an engine where the intersubjective actions/reactions are propelled into space enveloping the audience for maximal sensation and association. CounterPULSE is located at 1310 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103.[/box]

About the Workshop: Articulating Disorientation.

“Articulating Disorientation” is a workshop that investigates the performative paradox of simultaneous abandon and command.  We navigate multiple means to surrender control of the physical, emotional and behavioral body while scanning, directing and further deconstructing our experience.  The day will consist of a three-hour morning warm up, lunch break and then a two-hour afternoon session.

Morning Session – Scanning – We start this process with a thorough warm up of Yoga or Pilates to stretch and strengthen our bodies.  We then delve into experiential anatomy work based on Ideokinesis. I will break out lots of anatomical images and we can visualize these parts and most interestingly, their directions, with a combo of hands on work and guided movement explorations. Then I like to lead the group through a series of somatic visualizations using gentle verbal cues and inspiring music. The visualizations can be esoteric, psychedelic, punk rock, ridiculous and even Sci Fi in nature. The intent of this hypnotic practice is to cultivate our awareness and conscious participation with the holographic body by actively scanning through multiple points and groups of points as we move.  While guiding the group through their anatomy I begin to introduce a sensual and shifting pallet of imagined environments. The combination of inspiring music, gentle suggestive verbal cues and working with eyes closed serves as a generative framework for a very nice and sweaty trip!!

Afternoon Session – Impulse – We continue the second part of “Articulating Disorientation” by practicing and eventually deconstructing a classic form of somatic exploration called Authentic Movement. Authentic Movement is a reflexive partnership in which one person moves with their eyes closed and the other person serves as the witness for the mover. The sessions are always timed evolving by increments of five minutes all the way up to one-hour.  Partners give constructive and always supportive feedback to one another following each session. The primary focus of the form is to listen for and identify ones inner impulse and move as specifically as possible from one impulse to the next to the next. I will continually ask the group, “If you loose track of the impulse please stop and wait until the next impulse arrives.” Thus the work centers heavily on the subjective question of “What is an impulse?”  Once we become more comfortable with what an impulse is for us, we begin to pass these core impulses through a highly structured maze of deconstructive filters.  We begin to take ourselves apart impulse by impulse.

The goal of “Articulating Disorientation” as a whole is to practice navigating and simultaneously rewriting our habits/techniques in order to get a glimpse of becoming other.  We look at performing otherness as a way to sublimate our habitual intention and access a kind of queer phenomenology. The sensation of otherness is an overture for a performer, as well as any trained technician, since discipline often renders the body over coded with patterns and habits. The feeling of otherness opens up new thresholds and strange terrains of sense. This process of mining foreign sensation is generative and this can reciprocate deliciously precarious responses. We construct queer impossible scores for our selves that bring us closer to strange and allow us to grapple with impossible/untenable space. Finally when articulating the realms of disorientation we are forced to address a classic performative paradox.  Is it possible for a trained performer who is taught a virtuosic means of physical control, to actually surrender and perform failure on stage? The ways in which to engage this alluring paradox are endless.  I believe that the sublime states found through the practice of deconstructive somatic’s offer perspective towards presence that few other artistic fields can touch upon. “Let’s go further still, we haven’t found our Body without Organs yet, we haven’t sufficiently dismantled our self.” Gilles Deleuze.


[box]RE1203_5397Jeremy Wade is an American dancer/ choreographer based in Berlin. He graduated from the School For New Dance Development, Amsterdam in the year 2000. Wade premiered his first evening length work titled “Glory” at Dance Theater Workshop, New York City in February of 2006, for which he received a New York Bessie Award. Since then, Wade has been living in Berlin, working closely with the Hebbel Theater and Dramaturge Eike Wittrock. His most recent performance works include ”…and pulled out their hair” (2007), “Throwing Rainbows Up” (2008), “I Offer My Self To Thee” (2009), “There Is No End To More” (2010). In 2011 Wade embarked on a six month research phase titled “identity and transgression” from which he created the solo “Fountain” and a new trio titled “To The Mountain.” In 2013 Wade will construct three pieces: a new solo investigating the erotic body called “Mesmer,” a new trio titled “Precarious Objects” with Berlin based Sculptor Monika Grizmala and the California based Experimental Musician Jamie Stewart aka Xiu Xiu and finally to end 013 he will score a piece made exclusively for the members of an audience called “Common Prayer.” Besides the creation of performances and a rigorous teaching practice Wade has always been drawn to the curation, production and subsequent hosting of ecstatic events. This interest in curation evolved from his experience as a vibrant host of parties and Night Clubs in New York City during the mid 90’s to becoming a founding member in 2003 of Chez Bushwick a Live / Work loft for the performing arts in industrial Bushwick, Brooklyn. He curated the “Politics of Ecstasy“ Festival in January of 2009 at the Hebbel am Ufer together with Meg Stuart, Eike Wittrock, and Brendan Dougherty. Wade also curated a queer performance series in 13 editions from 2009 to 2011 at Basso, Berlin titled“Creature Feature”.  For more information visit www.jeremywade.de [/box]

[box] This workshop is presented by the newly formed Kunst-Stoff Art Building Consortium.  With our pilot program “Visiting Artist Series Exchange or [VASE]” we commit to instigate opportunities where local makers learn from and share knowledge with outstanding national and international artists through this series. The Visiting Artist Series Exchange will present renowned artists in contemporary dance and related studies by offering classes, lectures, performances and/or workshops to our local community. The Visiting Artist Series Exchange helps to insure that San Francisco continues to grow as a hub for contemporary artistic expression and discourse while at the same time deepen our presence and connectivity with makers in other cities. [/box]


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