Pipaluk Supernova is presented by Alternative Conservatory with support from THEOFFCENTER and KunsStoff Dance Co.

[box]Pipaluk Supernova 
Open Physical Practice
Monday/Wednesday/Friday, January 21/23/25 – 10am-12pm
Dance Creators LAB
Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri January 21-25 – 1-6 pm  + Friday Jan 25th eve
$180 > ALL | $150 > LAB | $35 > one day LAB | $15 (or GUT class card) > Morning Training
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About the Workshop

Open Physical Practice

Mon, wed, fri 10-12 am 

Open class for dancers and movers, body, breath, voice. Delicious and encouraging partner work, solo explorations and gentle touch.

Dance Creators LAB

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri 1-6 pm  + Friday eve

Workshop and collaborative laboratory for dancers, choreographers and movers engaged in artistic research and creating artistic work.

Dance Creators LAB offers a unique opportunity to meet, explore and develop material in a safe environment. We are discovering and challenging artistic choices and motivation, bringing forward a raw and real approach to being a creator, a communicator, a storyteller, someone who transforms.

In our work as artists, we are driven by different interests and like to play different roles in the artistic process.  Dance Creators LAB offers a space  where new relationships can form, and roles be explored and reversed. Invite your present and potential future artistic partners along for the trip…

During 5 days of lab, 5×5 hours, we engage in a variety of improvisational tools, site specific inspiration and open composition. Each days is a complete journey, with a specific set of challenges.

Participants are invited to bring thoughts, ideas and raw material, that might be processed and become performance material. Moving bodies, song, text, object and instruments, are welcome.

Dance Creators LAB will encourage experimental as well as site specific work, where the concept of dance and performance is linked to a personal journey. We are talking about inhabiting space and allowing improvisations to expand into a sense of timelessness, meeting our audience outside the stage.

On a practical level, our lab is 1-6 pm @ Kunst-stoff. Great is to come every day, and join the open morning classes. It is also OK to attend specific days and sessions, in accordance with your schedule. Kindly register in advance.

Each day will be a development, physical warm up and new encounters moving into artistic explorations and challenges. Tools for improvisation and composition are offered, as well as space for group and solo work, presentations and reflections.

Friday night from 8 pm, we offer an evening of Public Experiments, including a dance jam, an informal setting for sharing our work.

Inspiration :

Monday – the day of beginning – how to love a stranger in 2 minutes

Tuesday – the day of confusion and longing – how to blast holes in the fabric of predictability

Wednesday – the day of not knowing anything – allowing strangers to interfere

Thursday – the day of light and new questions –  the city and the surface

Friday  – the day of forgetfulness – thoughts of nothing becomes a substance of moments



[box]Pipaluk Supernova, Copenhagen, choreographer, singer, installation artist.

Pipaluk directs and produces dance performances and art events, creating large scale site specific works and open platform dance installations in collaboration with an international team of dancers, musicians and installation artists.

She trained in dance and physical theatre in Europe and the US, from modern dance, ballet, mime and martial arts into the scene of dance improvisation, contact improvisation and free spirited artists. Over the years, the Bay Area dance scene and Burning Man artists has been an inspiration to her, and many SF artists involved in her projects in Denmark and elsewhere.

Pipaluk favors large scale experimental work, embracing daring choreography, live music and new artistic encounters.

In her productions, strong physical performers interact with installation artists, musicians, programmers, engineers and scientists, open environments where the audience are invited to be an integrated part of the experience.

A reoccurring theme is the human body suspended between the elements of nature and raw urban components. Pipaluk challenges and re-invents a specific environment by means of water-, light- and fire installations, and creates dances for submarines, cranes, harbors and lakes.[/box]


[box] This workshop is presented by the newly formed Kunst-Stoff Art Building Consortium.  With our pilot program “Visiting Artist Series Exchange or [VASE]” we commit to instigate opportunities for local makers to learn from and share knowledge with outstanding national and international artists. The Visiting Artist Series Exchange [VASE] will present renowned artists in contemporary dance and related studies by offering classes, lectures, performances and/or workshops to our local community. [VASE] will help to insure that San Francisco continues to grow as a hub for contemporary artistic expression and discourse while at the same time deepen our presence and connectivity with makers in other cities. [/box]



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