The Method Gun screening at OpenSPACE / CounterPULSE Underground!


Saturday, May 17 at Doll House (80 Turk) is another longed-for opportunity to see some cool work out there in the world beyond the Bay and to mull it over with interested parties in an old porn theater in the Tenderloin. This time we’ll screen The Method Gun by Austin’s acclaimed Rude Mechs – with two of its creators in the house!!

Please join us—and special guests Shawn Sides (director, co–producing artistic director) and Graham Reynolds (composer)—for a screening of a high-def recording of The Method Gun (courtesy of the Rude Mechs and followed by an informal hangout facilitated by (for as long as they last) vegan donuts and coffee.

Since 1995, Rude Mechs has created a mercurial slate of 23 theatrical productions that represent a genre-defying cocktail of big ideas, cheap laughs, and dizzying spectacle. What these works hold in common is the use of play to make performance, the use of theaters as meeting places for audiences and artists, and the use of humor as a tool for intellectual investigation. The company tours these performances nationally and abroad; maintains The Off Center, a performance venue in Austin for arts groups of every discipline; and operates a year-round arts mentoring program for teenage girls.

COMPANY NOTE on The Method Gun

When director and acting coach Stella Burden left the US in 1972, her company continued her nine – year rehearsal process, using training techniques from Burden’s Approach, as well as others adapted from text books, other gurus, and—at one point—a high school film strip entitled What Makes an Actor, all of which have been incorporated into the contemporary understanding of The Approach. The text reproduced here comes from the research Rude Mechs unearthed in their investigation into the company’s training.

This performance was filmed at Imago Theater as part of Portland Institute of Contemporary Art’s Time Based Art Festival.

· Performance: September 12, 2011
· Venue: Imago Theatre | Portland, OR
· Duration: 90 min

Saturday, May 17, 2014
OpenSPACE 11 am – 2 pm‘ with ‘Screening at Noon‘.

CounterPULSE UNDERGROUND  | 80 Turk St. SF

This is  FREE Event.

CounterPULSE Underground & Mark McBeth Projects invite you to help co-create OpenSPACE, the small town art café your Inner Villager has been keening for.
Saturdays until June, 11 am – 2 pm. 80 Turk near Taylor, SF. Contact: 415.235.9130.
Coffee and tea by donation. Bring your own carbs. [Risk-taking optional.]

CounterPULSE Underground OpenSPACE: your coffee-date with the City



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