About TOC

Our Mission

THEOFFCENTER’s objective is to research Queer sensibilities as a lens for contemporary thought, art, action, and community.  By providing a multi-disciplinary forum we look to question issues around gender, race, resilience, identity, engagement, and evolution.  Our focus is to provide resources and provocation to emerging and established art-makers who are dedicated to the intentional negotiation of concepts, modalities and/or voices of a Queer lens.  Furthermore, we seek to contextualize ourselves, our programming and our mission within contemporary realities, historical wisdom, and global intelligence.


We recognize the need for a stable, ongoing, supportive forum for creating and presenting original works that investigates Queer as a tactic and aesthetic.

It is for that reason that WE COMMIT to the following:

  • To feature queer art-makers as well as queer-art makers.
  • To further general knowledge and critical perspectives around queer identity by creating opportunities for local artists and audiences to view works with unique and /or singular queer perspectives
  • To promote performance as a primary strategy – we find performance is catalyst, by exploring work we open doors and dialogue towards a better understanding
  • To sponsor residencies, workshops, artist talks, symposia, publications, exchanges and other projects that enhance understanding, encourage dialogue, provide new skills and expand the experience of performance.
  • To work in tandem with artists in exploring multidisciplinary approaches to art and performance.
  • To offer audiences new approaches to observing and participating
  • To declare community by process of establishing network experiences, developing relationships, mapping localized landscapes, and facilitating information sharing.
  • To map out our queer performance ecology is important to our process; by establishing a safe space where local queer art organizations, groups, companies, factions, fronts, and collectives can declare presence and share/hold space for one another is key to the growth and overall health of our performance community.



Originally formed as a collective response to supprt the sustainability of a queer performance incubator [MCVF], over 30 artists stepped up to share the work load of running the space.   THEOFFCENTER came out from this process. We are a self-propelled artist-run performance  initiative.  We believe performance is pivotal for researching queer identity. Our intention is to hold space for this type of research.  MCVF and THEOFFCENTER, althought similar in their intent are not associated in any form. Our focus will continue to be on working with new and up and coming queer performers/theater makers. Offering residencies and programing that build skills and propel collaboration as well as build community.