The Method Gun screening at OpenSPACE / CounterPULSE Underground! Lady Janitor invites you to The Coup: A Prequel, Bay Area Edition. Old Versions of Yourself: Amara Tabor-Smith’s Tribute to Ed Mock by Anna Martine Whitehead Re-inform-ulation – A Mobile Collective Laboratory comes to NY/SF/LA – by Milka Djordjevich

On Queer

Queer is by definition whatever is at odds with the normal, the legitimate, the dominant. There is nothing in particular to which it necessarily refers. It is an identity without an essence. ‘Queer’ then, demarcates not a positivity but a positionality vis-à-vis the normative. - David Halperin

Notes from the Grid & Fees – The Greed Factor. (A Work in Progress) by Sara Shelton Mann

Notes from the Grid 1. Thousands of years ago a cataclysm occurred physically and consciously that created a wobble on the planets. The program was fear. (Victim, persecutor, rescuer) To control create fear and add a program of religions. We wake up to a practical spiritual economy. Stay in the…

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Panic. Friendship. Celebration. by Mica Sigourney

I am sort of tired of trying to define queer, and then also struggle with the ideas of economy, as the global one topples towards failure and the national one is tenuous. I’ve been living below poverty line (chosen lifestyle) for a few years. About 3 years ago when I…

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A Duel, No Winners By Ben McCoy

Almost as a reflex, I was callous, cruel, and dismissive. I was sitting on my usual throne, which is to say, a barstool. The bar was pretty empty, as some places are before 5 PM. A mid-to-late twenties girl came in (I call her a girl instead of a woman…

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Grab The Garnish Off The Plate And Put It In Your Hair. By Monique Jenkinson

I will start my post with the questions with which I was presented at the outset. I will try to answer most of them. I hope this isn’t too massive. So what makes Bay Area queer economies what they are? What are our secrets and what are our struggles? And maybe…

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Global Consequences of Queer Unemployment by Philip Huang

Dear unemployed queers. As you ponder whether and how to re-enter the workforce, I urge you to consider the net effect of your unemployment not just on your own life but upon those of your fellow citizens, indeed upon society at large, by asking a question that may not seem…

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On the question of… by Sonny Nordmarken

I am so happy to participate in this conversation. I don’t live in the Bay Area anymore, but I do make a point to spend substantial chunks of time there every year. What is so nice about being part of this discussion is that my participating demonstrates how Bay Area…

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A Love Story About Work by Liz Tenuto by Liz Tenuto

As a lover: About 3 years ago, there was momentum that was beginning to build in San Francisco, a pulse that kept getting stronger and stronger between new transplants, dancers, performance artists, drag and nightlife performers, comedians, documenters, mentors and curators. Through showing up for each other, engaging in dialogue, socializing and continuing to…

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