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At THEOFFCENTER a goal of the network is to contextualize itself, its programming and its mission within contemporary realities, historical wisdom, and global intelligence. (look it up, it is part of our mission) And now having just procured [**]! SPACE we are working hard at articulating the many possibilities that can manifest inside of this unique 1000 sq. ft. spaceSan Francisco is a HUB of thought-makers from all walks of life; with [**]!SPACE TOC presents a provocation to the network and in that to those who wish to assist in the coordination, mediation, and production of exchanges that support our goals. In exchange TOC’s promise is to support initiatives by offering production support, a physical space, and an network of ready-to-engage makers. Have an idea, give us notice and lets make it happen.


The Nodes Residency Program.

TOC’s newest pilot program, the Nodes Residency is a visiting-artist residency program offered to makers from cities across the glove.  With Nodes Residency we hope to connect with artists, groups, networks, art centers and organizations that like TOC work towards the development of both emerging makers and their work.

In addition we strive to build a critical forum and context for the examination of such work by forging new relationships with Artitsts, and arts centers from around the world. We wish to situate ourselves as a resource and develop an network of like-minded intentions by individuals, groups and networks who wish to enter into conversation with other networks and foster intercultural collaborations and dialogues.

What does it offer?

  • A context to exist in and produce within
  • 12 weekly dedicated rehearsal hours and regularly scheduled check-ins
  • The direct link to an existing community of makers and audiences with the intention of offering an essential platform for feedback and development of work.
  • A venue that functions both as a platform for the development of work and also for the presentation of it in its many stages.
  • Guidance, support, network experiences, production support as well as connection to mentors and local performance makers.
  • Nodes emphasis is not on a performative product, rather in the documentation of participatory process of queer/ed experimentation and collaborations about performance work.
  • TOC’s [**]! SPACE will act as a venue for presenting work as well as developing and executing research set up to encourage the network to participate in dialogue via workshops, discussions, showings, shared informal presentations and/or other exchanges.

How will it work?

  • Residencies will last between 4 and 12 weeks at a time.
  • Residencies will be given to a single artists or a team of up to 2 artists working on the same project.
  • Programing, points of contact, network experiences, and other ways of connecting will be collaboratively designed by the resident artist(s) and TOC’s supporting team
  • TOC’s Director will oversee residencies, an appointed maker from TOC’s network with act as support/guidance for the residency project in relation to the network .
  • Each node will have its own unique points of exposure/contact. These will be developed by artists in residence and the supporting team upon commencement of the residency.
  • With each node the network will be exposed to a specific framing, approach, artists’ work and unique network.  TOC will pay specific attention to work that focuses on cross cultural dialogue and network development.
  • The result is a model of creative process and community building that envisions consequences for the participants beyond the sphere of art making.
  • Professional Dancers/Choreographers of ALL styles who have the desire to share ideas and process with dancers from around the world are encouraged to apply.
  • To all applicants, send a letter stating your interest, a brief description of your practice (links are encouraged) as well a sketch of that project proposed as part of The Nodes Residency.
  • It is imperative that all applicants have a genuine openness to collaborating with artists of different dance backgrounds and different approaches to creating work.


Residency conditions

Duration of residencies: 4 weeks (minimun)  3 months (maximun)
Number of artists resident at one time: One or a team of 2 at any given time
Expenses paid by artist:  Travel, Supplies, Partial lodging
Application who/how: To be concidered for the Spring/Summer slots please send a letter of Intent addressed to Tessa Wills no later than January 1st 2012
Selection procedure: By Committee
Presentation of artists’ work:  Arranged on a case-by-case basis – focus is not on presenting,  rather on process and documentation of it. 

Description of residency

Setting: Urban
Type and size of studios: Shared Studio – 12 weekly hours of dedicated time. opportunity to add hours as space is available, or work demands.
Accomodation: Private Room
Working language(s): English


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