Node #2: Dramaturgy in Dance

Node #2: Dramaturgy in Dance

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Katja Mustonen

Katja Mustonen is Frankfurt based movement artists and teacher who originally comes from Finland. Her background in dance and movement grew from childhood trials in figure skating, gymnastics, climbing trees and riding horses and bikes (imagining the latter as horses too). Later, during the high school years, she discovered dancing and soon realized spending more time in dance classes than with her homework’s. Following this growing passion, she graduated as a dancer 2004 (North Carelian Vocational School, Outokumpu, Finland) from a school that had strong emphasis on body awareness, somatic and improvisational-based movements techniques.

Before moving to Frankfurt in the fall 2007, she worked as a freelance dancer/performer in projects that often varied from stage to galleries or to site specific. 2006 she traveled to Kenya, which left strong impact and set in motion considerations of community, communication and change. Leaving her to wonder what dancing had to do with it all.

Since her MA on Contemporary Dance pedagogue (Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Frankfurt, Germany) she made a shift from performing to teaching: towards the understanding of how to translate the bodily experiences, discoveries and knowledge to others. She strongly believes to the notion of the body as a teacher.

The last four years she’s been mainly teaching and facilitating movement based classes & workshops in Frankfurt and abroad on contemporary
dance technique, Contact Improvisation, Improvisation & Composition into Performance. She’s been involved in community-based projects with women and young adults who have difficulties finding their stance in the society they live in. Beside this, she has been part of few performance projects within the local dance maker’s community in Frankfurt.

At the moments, she elaborates on another transition. Many of her past interest has been replaced with novel questions and curiosities that make
her gravitate towards making and creating on the field of performance. Her solo work carries a working title “Small Talks” that explores the sense
of limitedness and the notion of failure within our encounters and aims at understanding the world. It is a journey about familiarizing with the identity that has grown too small to fit in. It is a collection of bodies that feel strange and yet are embedded in us. It’s a venture towards the otherness that shows upon us as enigmatic.

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Small Talks


During this one time session, I’ll be sharing some of the exercises, questions and considerations on movement, improvisation and composition, which I’ve been engaged during my residency time here in THEOFFCENTER, and during my last few years of research & moving.

Movement as a tool, we will explore and tune our ‘bodymind’ with framed conditions to direct and redirect our intentions into actions.  On a practical level – to name few – this means playing with articulation, changing states or varying the tone in our bodies, moving from images to narratives or to abstract expressions. We will also practice compositional skills: to gain sense of relationships, to learn from our choice making processes, and to begin to organize our experiences in time and space.

Sharing the practice of presence with others provides us with a chance to enter a conversation: when reflecting on how and what we perceive, we exchange and broaden our – even opposing – point of views to co-create in words of language and of movement.

Deepening the Conversation

Jorge and Katja at The Garage


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