TOO MUCH 2012! A Queer Performance Marathon

Circo Zero & THEOFFCENTER present the 3d annual

TOO MUCH 2012! A Queer Performance Marathon


Hello those interested in Too Much 2012,

It turns out that Too Much 2012 is simply too much!  Inspired by Occupy while looking for new frontiers for local queer performance we decided to try a smaller, more decentralized, public site Too Much! This was a last minute vision without the support of any grant money or organizational structure.  The three of us were all too busy with other projects and obligations. Additionally we got distracted by the eviction of THEOFFCENTER from the 848 Divisadero space, and our call for proposals did not get sent far and wide enough to attract enough proposals.  We recognize that we just don’t have it together to produce this event in a good way, so we have decided that the best course of action is to pull the plugWe all regret not being able to see this through, as the proposals we did receive were strong and curious.

Big thanks and special apologies to all who sent in proposals. We hope your ideas continue to find fruition elsewhere. Keep us posted.

We debate whether Too Much! is an idea (or a brand?) worth repeating. We’re asking questions about queer’s relationship to repetition, nostalgia, funding, leadership, and institutionalization. Meanwhile we continue – individually and collectively – to imagine how to inspire, nurture, provoke and manifest future events under the influence of queer. We hope to see you there.

We hope this does not come as a total disappointment. Please let any or all of us know if you have any questions or comments.


Ernesto, Keith and Julie


Too Much! 2012 presents a ten-hour smorgasbord of non-curated,  public site performances with themed discussions, an evening performance salon, and dinner. Too Much! was instigated/curated by Julie Phelps and Keith Hennessy in 2010, and then further developed in collaboration with THEOFFCENTER in 2011.

TOO MUCH! 2012:
Urban Space: occupy, decolonize, queer, subvert, reclaim, reframe.
Sunday, April 1, 2012
2pm ­ to midnight
THEOFFCENTER & surrounding regions
848 Divisadero (near McAllister), SF

Participant Call


TOO MUCH! seeks highly motivated artists, groups and collectives to instigate public site performances within a 10 minute radius of THEOFFCENTER.

TOO MUCH! is intended as a platform for investigation and negotiation through live performance and public intervention ­of queer as an aesthetic, a perspective, a social network, or a tactic. This year’s theme is space, public space, urban space. The city as commons, the city as grid, the city as playground, the city as crisis. We invite both nuance and danger, anti-spectacle and superstar, ritual and propaganda.

Unlike TOO MUCH! in 2010 and 2011, this year¹s event will not be curated. Instead the organizers are collaborating to construct a situation, a context, a party, a gathering that encourages DIY and self-organized performances. Using THEOFFCENTERs new space TOO MUCH! will provide a club house for the day’s activities, a place for participating artists to prep or unwind from performances, a site for vital conversations, dinner and a closing salon with dessert.

We are particularly interested in:

  • Performance, live art, installation, action, projected video­ that experiments with forms, traditions, genres, genders, bodies, and expectations
  • Participatory or interactive performances and experiential events that trouble or blur the borders between artist and audience, emphasizing the agency of the witness

You decide what, when, where. TOO MUCH! organizers will help to coordinate publicity, an online calendar of events, as well as curating two themed discussions, an evening salon, and dinner. Take a walking tour and check out the map of potential performing sites including Alamo Square Park, various parking lots, street dividers, the McKinley statue, abandoned storefronts…


TOO MUCH 2012 – Participant Entry Form

If you have questions or want to partcipate as a maker but are not sure how to, send us a note, we’ll be happy to brainstorm with you.

Map of possible locations

View TOO Much! Possible Performance Spaces in a larger map


We need 20 volunteer hosts, ushers, bartenders, tour guides, dinner servers and janitors.

We are also looking for a few sharp photographers and digital filmmakers to document this (post) historic event. We will feed you and assist with post-production expenses.

If you want to be a part of TOO MUCH Documentation Team or want to volunteer in other ways please email us here

Other Details

Performers can decide to pass a hat or request donations or not. All activities will be free and donations will be encouraged. Dinner will be $5 (no one turned away) and drinks won’t be free. The event has no institutional funding and can offer neither production support nor artist fees.

We are also looking for a food gang or collective of cooks to prepare a communal meal and/or dessert for approximately 60-80+ people (supplies & expenses covered). THEOFFCENTER has a kitchen including a large stove with 2 ovens.

2-6pm             Site specific performances within a 10min walk of THEOFFCENTER
2:30-6pm         Two themed conversations, symposia @ THEOFFCENTER
6-7pm             Dinner @ THEOFFCENTER
7:30-9:30        More site specific performances, night versions
10-11             Dessert, drinks, salon
11-12             Shared clean up


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