Business Services

Business services refer to activities that benefit companies without producing a physical commodity. These activities can include accounting and consulting, facility management, market research, and staffing. Companies that produce and sell tangible products usually contract out or hire business service providers to complete tasks that require expertise and equipment not available in-house.

The term is also used to describe a range of other activities and jobs that support businesses, such as translation, warehousing, transportation and more. The distinction between goods and services is the fact that a person cannot stock or hold a service like a product. Services have to be delivered when they are requested.

Examples of business services include interpreting, software and training, and facility management. Interpreters and translators facilitate conversations and meetings between people with different language abilities. Software services provide enhancements and updates for technological devices like computers and phones, while facilities management provides office space and resources to help employees work productively.

Companies that offer business-to-business services often provide them for a fee. This can be as low as a flat rate or as high as an hourly charge. They might assist their clients with operating the business, reducing costs, or generating more output. Other types of business services may be more personal, such as providing workout facilities or places to relax in the workplace. Many of these jobs are virtual and can be completed from any location with a reliable Internet connection. For example, a home-buying company may use online platforms to connect customers with home-buying experts.

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