Home Improvement – Boosting the Value of Your Home

Home improvement is the repair, maintenance or remodeling of residential real property and may include a variety of tasks such as painting, resurfacing, or installing new flooring. It can also include improving or replacing the roof, repairing a driveway, landscaping the yard or adding an extension to a house.

One of the main reasons people undertake home improvement projects is to increase the value of their property. However, it is important to note that a return on investment from such projects can vary widely. For example, a kitchen remodel might add approximately 100 percent of its costs in value, but an outdoor deck might only return 20 percent of its cost.

Whether you are planning to sell your home or keep it for the long term, the right home improvements can help boost its value and improve its function. Regardless of the type of project you are considering, it is essential to choose professional contractors who are licensed, insured, and have good business references. There are a number of reputable aggregators that can assist with finding qualified contractors for a wide range of home improvement projects.

Despite the economic challenges, home improvement projects continue to be popular among consumers. In fact, a survey conducted by Axiom found that 85 percent of homeowners plan to undertake at least one project in 2021. A few of the most common projects with the best return on investment are opening up living space, upgrading the kitchen or bathroom, and replacing the front door.

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