How to Find Help With Law Issues


Law is the study of rules of conduct and procedures that govern society. Its goals are to protect the rights and welfare of people and to promote equality among people. In general, law is divided into three main categories: criminal law, civil law, and labor law. The latter deals with issues relating to the tripartite industrial relationship and regulates collective bargaining and the right to strike. Individual employment law focuses on individual workplace rights. Civil and criminal procedure deal with the rules and procedures of courts. Evidence law concerns admissible materials in courts.

In general, law issues arise for a variety of reasons, from unexpected events to planned situations. These can be anything from family issues to problems at work to being accused of a crime. Other common issues include immigration, consumer rights, and money problems. Many government and court websites provide information about the law and its application. Further, many legal professionals are available on the Internet, and there are a number of law libraries that offer legal research materials.

Another way to find legal help is to look for free legal help in your area. There are several legal aid clinics around New York City. These offices offer advice on the best way to resolve your legal issues.

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