New York Home Improvement Trends

Home improvement

Home improvement is a broad term that covers a wide variety of remodeling, building and maintenance projects. It includes home interior and exterior improvements, as well as safety devices like fire protection systems and security equipment.

Home improvement projects can add real value to your home. But they also take time and sweat equity. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re working with a contractor you can trust.

You should do your homework and make a detailed list of the work you’re looking to do. Make sure to compare prices and timelines from a few contractors before deciding on one.

When you’re ready to hire a contractor, verify that they are licensed in New York. And make sure they have insurance. If you’re unsure, ask your neighbors or friends about the results of their own home improvement work.

Home improvement loans can be a smart way to fund a home renovation. They are secured by your home and usually include closing costs and origination fees. However, they come with higher interest rates than personal loans, so you may need to consider other financing options.

Many homeowners plan to complete some work themselves, but others will enlist the help of a professional. More than half of survey respondents said they’ll do all or some of their own work, while about 40 percent plan to hire a contractor for some or all of their project.

The Axiom survey asked consumers about their accomplishments and plans for home improvement in 2021. Among the most popular categories were work on outdoor areas, such as decks and patios.

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