Relationships 101


Relationships are a huge and vital part of our lives. They can be complex, and there are many different kinds of relationships – both intimate and non-intimate – that people have. It’s important to understand the different terms and definitions of relationships so we can discuss them accurately and have a clearer picture of the diverse types of human connections that exist.

In a relationship, partners feel close and connected to one another. They often share common values and goals, as well as a sense of responsibility for the health of the relationship. They also feel a strong emotional connection with one another and trust and rely on each other. These connections help us feel supported and loved, which boosts our moods. When we feel a strong sense of belonging, we are more likely to be happy and resilient in the face of life’s difficulties.

There are a variety of ways that people can be in relationships, including casual acquaintances and friends, intimate relationships, long-term commitments such as marriage, and even codependent relationships. People in relationships can be either healthy or unhealthy, and there are many reasons why they may not work out as expected.

Some people stay in relationships even when they aren’t happy, simply because they don’t want to be alone. They may put their own needs above those of their partner, or they might feel that the relationship is a source of protection and money.

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