Relationships – How to Create and Maintain Healthy Relationships


Relationships are an integral part of human interaction. Our need for human connection is innate, but our ability to create and maintain healthy relationships is learned. Evidence suggests that this learning begins during infancy, when we develop deeply rooted patterns of relating to others. As a result, relationships can cause great psychological distress when they end.

In order to sustain a relationship, partners need to feel loved, appreciated, and accepted. Intimate contact builds trust and connection, making a relationship stronger and more satisfying. Sharing your feelings and experiences with your partner builds strength and connection. Relationships are a partnership of two people who want to share the best of their lives with one another.

When two people do not feel compatible and share similar goals, they may enter into a situational relationship. This type of relationship is not considered a serious relationship. It is not a long-term commitment and may last only a few weeks. The two people involved may not have the same long-term goals and are just having fun.

Healthy relationships are marked by constant communication, respect for the other person, and commitment. Healthy relationships also don’t involve power imbalances. Partners respect each other’s independence and their decisions, and do not engage in behaviors such as stalking. Furthermore, healthy relationships encourage mutual affection and open discussions about sex.

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