The Advantages and Disadvantages of Fashion


Fashion is a way of expressing oneself through clothing, hairstyle, makeup and other external appearances. It can also be seen as a social phenomenon, and the way in which people dress often influences how they behave, think and interact with one another.

In the past, before clothing became mass-produced, it was usually made to order for individual customers by dressmakers and tailors. But as technology improved, and new materials and production methods were introduced, clothing became cheaper to produce and more widely available. The result was that more and more people started to dress in a similar way. Initially, this was due to social and cultural pressures but later it became a commercial decision for many manufacturers to follow trends to keep their sales up.

Nowadays, the choice of what to wear is almost limitless. Fashion is also not necessarily limited to clothes, but can encompass a person’s manner of speaking, travelling or eating. The term ‘fashion’ can even be applied to a particular style of music, art or literature.

Besides beautification, the main advantage of fashion is that it can help in a person becoming more confident and active in his/her daily life. It can bring inner delight and make a person feel fresh all the time. This is the reason that fashion is considered as a vital part of every human’s life. However, there are some disadvantages of Fashion as well. These are discussed below.

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