The Impact of Technology on Our Lives


Technology refers to the things which result from scientific knowledge being applied for practical purposes. These can be tangible tools like utensils and machines, or intangible ones such as software and systems of control. All engineering designs work within constraints: economic (only so much money can be used for the development), political and social (public opposition), ecological (likely disruption of natural environment), as well as ethical (disadvantages to some people, risk to future generations). An optimum design strikes some reasonable compromise among these.

The great revolutions of technology in human history have been technological in nature: agricultural technology increased food production; the invention of the wheel allowed humans to travel and control their environment; the printing press allowed scientists and politicians to communicate their ideas with greater ease, contributing to the Age of Enlightenment; bows and arrows, gunpowder, and nuclear weapons improved weapons technology, making war less deadly; and so on. However, individuals have a significant impact on the way in which technology is used as well: personal choices, such as efficient household appliances, of non-toxic substances, and of nutritious foods, contribute to positive or negative outcomes.

Regardless of whether they are used for entertainment, communication, business or any other purpose, new technologies provide benefits to our lives that were not previously possible. They have given us the ability to create and send astronauts into space, communicate with friends and family across the globe, access information at all times, and more. But just as there are some disadvantages to technology, such as addiction, it is important for each individual to monitor and manage their use of these tools so that they do not have any negative impact on their life.

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