What is News?


News is the information and events that occur in a society and are reported to the public. It can be about people, places or things. It may be serious or light-hearted. It may be local or global. It is important to know your audience when writing a news article. This will dictate the tone and voice of your story as well as what you should include. It is also important to know how your audience consumes news so that you can deliver it in a way that is relevant to them.

The people who decide what is newsworthy are called reporters, editors and gatekeepers. They make the final decision on what is in a newspaper, on TV or online. They may be journalists or people who work for a particular news media company, or even members of the public. Taking recommendations from other people such as assistant editors, they will sift through what is happening and decide what is worth reporting.

In general, stories about people make news, as do events that are unique and unusual. The weather is also of interest, especially when it is extreme. Food and drink are also of concern: how do the poor get enough to eat, how are droughts and shortages managed and what is new in the world of entertainment (like music, dance, theatre or cinema)?

If you are interested in how news is gathered and reported, try subscribing to some different news sources. This will give you a fuller picture of how information is presented in the media and might help you be more open-minded about which events you choose to believe in or not.

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