What is News?


News is information about current events, obtained from every moment and everywhere. It is a social product transmitted through various media channels: radio, television and print journalism. The news must be fast, accurate and objective, in accordance with the ethical rules of the journalists.

What is newsworthy depends on the social context: what is interesting or significant in one society may not be in another. A classic definition of news is: “Dog bites man – news; Man bites dog – not news.”

A key factor in what makes a story newsworthy is its newness. If it has been reported before, then it cannot be news. For example, an assassination that occurred days ago can still be newsworthy if some facts about the event become known for the first time.

The best source of news is probably a newspaper or magazine, though it is also possible to find news through the internet, television, radio and telephone. Many people also use a variety of different sources, including online blogs and opinion sections of magazines or newspapers.

The most reputable news organisations try to be impartial and reflect a range of views on important issues. For example, the BBC is regarded as one of the most trustworthy news sources because of its commitment to impartiality and its rigorous editorial standards. Other reliable news outlets include the Christian Science Monitor and Al Jazeera, which are known for their independence from the mainstream press.

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