What is News?

News is information that is new and important. It may be broadcast on television, printed in newspapers or posted online. It can also be shared in other media forms like video or podcasts. It can be anything from breaking political news to weather forecasts or even a story about a local event. News can be a story about a celebrity, a sports team, an upcoming election or even the latest viral video.

A news story often has a central theme that is reported on in an in-depth manner. It is often factual with little or no bias. A reporter will research a topic extensively and often interview multiple sources to obtain more detailed and in-depth information on the subject. This type of news is called hard news and it gives the reader more insight into a specific overarching theme.

Other types of news are more subjective in nature. These stories may contain opinions and commentary on a particular topic. They can also cover a range of subjects, including the arts, science, health and social issues.

People are interested in a variety of news topics. These can include famous people and what they are up to, their homes, work and lifestyles. Other popular news topics include politics, economics, religion and culture. People are also interested in crime – road traffic offences, burglaries, robberies, corruption and sex crimes, especially when these stories involve something unusual or out of the ordinary. People are also interested in money – fortunes made and lost, the Budget, school fees, wages, food prices and compensation claims.

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