What Is News?

News is a form of information, usually about recent events. It can be provided through many different media: word of mouth, printing, postal systems, broadcasting and electronic communication.

Unlike other forms of journalism, news content must be arranged in a chronological order so that readers can quickly learn the most important facts of the story. This makes it possible for busy people to read as little or as much of a story as they want, while still getting the essentials of what is happening in the world at any particular time.

A News Article Is About New, Unusual and Interesting Things

There are five criteria that determine what makes a news item important: it must be new, unusual, interesting, significant and about people. For example, if scientists report that an insect has just been found living on a plant which it has not previously inhabited then this is unlikely to be of general interest, but if the insect has a huge appetite and is threatening the food supply of a country, then this could be news.

It Must Be About People

Generally speaking, news is about the changes that occur in the lives of people. This includes the effects of natural disasters, such as earthquakes and cyclones. It may also include political or social developments.

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