What Is Technology?


Technology is the application of knowledge for achieving practical goals in a reproducible way. It can refer to tangible tools and machines, or it can refer to intangible things, such as computer software.

How it is used in education

Technology can be used to engage students, and can enhance classroom learning in many different ways. Some examples of technology used in the classroom include interactive websites, digital resources and games that engage students with content.

Teachers use technology to help students stay engaged in learning and to provide feedback to students. If a teacher integrates technology into the classroom with routines in place that are monitored and assessed, it can make teaching and learning much more efficient.

How it affects jobs

Technology is rapidly displacing jobs in the workplace and has many implications for workers and employers. According to a 2014 Oxford study, 47% of jobs in the US could be replaced by automated processes within the next two decades.

What it means to be a technologist

Technologists are people who are skilled at developing new technologies and using existing ones. They also design and build technology-based products, services and systems.

Technophiles are those who embrace technology and a technophobe is one who dislikes or fears it.

How it changes our lives

The impact of technology on our everyday life is significant, both personally and professionally. From personal devices such as mobile phones to business technology such as information technology, the way we live has been greatly changed by technology.

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