Writing a News Article

News is information about current events that are of interest to a broad audience. It can be a story about politics, government, business, sports, crime, education, health or the environment. News may be reported in newspapers, magazines, radio or television. It can also be distributed via the Internet or mobile phone networks.

In writing a news article it is important to research the topic extensively. Then draft a snappy headline that concisely informs readers of the news topic and captures their attention. After that, prepare an inverted pyramid structure for your article. Begin with the most important facts, then include more detail as necessary. It is important to provide enough information for readers to form their own opinions, even if those opinions differ from your own.

Often, the best way to convey the facts of a news story is through quotes from a source. This can be an expert who can offer commentary or analysis, or it could be a person who has direct knowledge of the subject matter. When using quotes, it is important to properly credit the sources.

When writing a news article, it is also important to avoid jargon. This is especially true when writing for a broad audience, such as a general newspaper or magazine. In addition, if you must use acronyms, make sure they are clearly explained upon first mention (e.g. ROI, ASBO, PCT, SATs and FTSE). This will help to keep the article readership inclusive.

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