Quarterly issues, online, interviews, articles, excerpts from plays


  • Create the space for critical engagement w/ the work of a prolific performance community
  • Challenge artists to conceive of their work in a different light, placing the work in a social, political, cultural, and critical context
  • Exposing performance practitioners to interviews, articles, presentations of national & international artists, practitioners, critical theorist, and administrators
  • Provide space for critical theorist to publish ideas about gender, feminism, queer theory, and performance theory
  • Publishing and documenting happenings, events, and performances including text, pictures, video, etc

This Zine will be released on a quarterly basis,  January 15, April 15, July 15, October 15

Zine Contents
5 – 7 pieces of critical writing
3 – 4 Reviews of current shows at time of publication
Image collage of a piece
InQueery theme of the quarter
Taste of New Works (plays, texts, etc)
A How-To section/ DIY

All of the above plus,
Calendar of Events
Blog: promoting events and reviews
Video of performances, events, and happenings


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