Departing Things – New Work by Jorge De Hoyos

The Garage, Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos and THEOFFCENTER

Departing Things
Shattered, Perpetual, Surreal. An ambitious dance of constant departures. 

by Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos in collaboration with Emily Leap and Kevin O’Connor.

In an ever-fracturing and globalizing world where a sense of home, self and positionality are more rapidly shifting, dissolving and realigning, they throw their bodies into deep emotional states and high physicalities. A journey through and beyond the subconscious and surreal, Departing Things asks what is the vibrational tone of loss and letting go? How do we take off into the unknown and unknowable? Can we align the future by resetting the past, and how can we change our current altitude?

About The Garage:

The Garage/ SAFEhouse for the Arts (Saving Arts From Extinction) at 975 Howard St is a non-profit, arts-presenting organization that specializes in incubating new performing art through residencies, workshops and performance.  Celebrating the fifth anniversary of The Garage’s festival of men’s choreography, MOVE(MEN)T5 features new work by two of the Bay Area’s most dynamic dance-makers: Tim Rubel Human Shakes (April 12-13) and Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos (April 14-15).


THEOFFCENTER (TOC) – understands that a community is only as strong as the network of people that comprise it. With that in mind, TOC looks to align itself with the goals of both the individual and the group. TOC supports work that engages multiple aspects of community, the cross-pollination of ideas, bridge-building and border-crossing amongst groups, and research connecting points. In this endeavor, we have established partnerships with institutions such as SOMArts, Magic Theater, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and others to bring artists and experts to the table and to strategize for sustainable practices for long-term community presence.

 About The Artists

Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos is a San Francisco-based performance artist, activist and community organizer. He works to create a space to scrutinize, question, (de)construct the systems that hold the personal in relationship to the social, spiritual and ecological. His work ranges from contemporary dance for the stage, public interventions and communal ritual experiences to traditional Mexican folklorico dance. He has absorbed much from working with choreographers Meg Stuart, Sommer Ulrickson, Christine Bonansea, Kevin O’Connor, Mark Franko and presenting Robert Steijn as well as his two current mentors Keith Hennessy and Sara Shelton Mann. Jorge was born in Los Angeles, studied Cultural Anthropology at UC Santa Cruz and is currently co-developing a community art space as part of THEOFFCENTER at 848 Divisadero St.

Emily Leap is an aerialist and dancer. Since re-committing herself to the Bay Area last year, she has found herself invited into the works of Sara Shelton Mann, Joanna Haigood/Zaccho Dance Theater and Keith Hennessy. She has a solo trapeze act that still comes out every now and then. In 2009 she won an Izzie for her work with Keith Hennessy/Circo Zero. She’s teaching trapeze in the Bay Area and has also begun working with choreographer Erika Tsimbrovsky.

Kevin O’Connor is an improviser, dancer, and circus artist, originally from Canada and now living in Oakland. He studied mountain lions, coastal salmon populations and land use planning while acquiring a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Conservation. He then ran off and joined the circus at the National Circus School of Montreal. He specialized in climbing ropes and minored in clowning. Kevin’s movement choices are strongly influenced by his studies of the Axis Syllabus. His current interdisciplinary research interests engage improvisation, storytelling, dance and circus arts as tools for investigating the ecological body, and he just recently completed his MFA thesis show at the Mondavi Center at UC Davis where he collaborated with circus artists, singers, dancers and audience participants.

[box class=”grey_box”]What:  Departing Things, Jorge De Hoyos’ original performance experiment, part of the MOVE(MEN)T5 Festival at The Garage  Description:  Departing Things, a new piece by Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos in collaboration with Emily Leap and Kevin O’Connor. In an ever-fracturing and globalizing world where a sense of self and positionality are more rapidly shifting, dissolving and realigning, they offer their bodies in an ambitious dance of constant departures.  When:  Saturday-Sunday, April 14-15 2012 @ 8:00pm Where:  The Garage 975 Howard St @ 6th San Francisco, CA 94103 – 415-518-1517 Tickets:  $10-20, or 800-838-3006  Web: &[/box]


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